Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I cant believe when i left home 14 hours ago the web counter was ard 240 and now it is 370. oh gosh, someone muz have been loyally clicking refresh.

Today i was slumping at home and feeling rather grumpy coz i had a good hair day. Okie i'm not grumpy coz of the good hair day but coz it is damn rare it happens and i dun wanna waste it by staying at home. So i decided I will go over to Wrinkly Wanping's place after dinner since she stays quite near, at Bukit Batok.

Whats the point, you ask. Well, at least the ppl in the bus can see my hair. At least SOMEONE other than family members saw it!

Anyway, as i said i went out with Eddy. It is really a coincidence coz i already planned to go to Wrinkly Wanping (aka Eileen)'s place. She is not really wrinkly btw. I just thought it sounded funny. Then Eddy called me to ask me out for dinner. At Bukit Batok.

Eddy and I just simply had dinner. I cant stand it! Everytime I meet him I get so tongue-tied. When he was buying food his back was facing me and i was dreamily looking at his pectoral muscles and his cute butt, thinking whether he has the yummy penis veins when I caught the next table's person staring at me. Obviously written on her face was 'Are u a pervert or something?'

Now, i have this funny theory that some ppl can actually read minds. Who knows? Maybe actually half the population of ppl can actually read minds and they are obviously the smarter race. And whats worse is that they are not telling you!

They are not smarter because they are born smarter but coz of the mind-reading ability. Once u have a good idea formed in ur head, they sense it and say it out faster than you in double quick time.

You can only mumble "You took the words out of my mouth..." quietly while the boss praises them.

They absorb much more information and they score better for tests coz they simply read the top student's mind. If the top student is a mind reader thats possibly coz he read the examiner's mind when he pretended to ask "What are the exam questions?". If the examiner is a fellow mind reader he will still give out the answers in his head anyway coz he wants to assist his own kind.

They sympathetise for each other coz they both know they are both exposed to horrifying horny Bangala thoughts all the time in the MRT. Now thats one bad side of being able to mind read.

If there are mind readers, why do we (the non-mind readers) not know? Imagine they tell us one day. We will be so TRAUMATIZED! We will feel we are the lower race. We will try to kill the "Xmen" coz we feel weird with them. In turn, they know that we are gonna kill them coz they can read our minds and thus they would have to kill us and they know that telling us will lead to bloodshed.

So they keep mum about it. Meanwhile, every now and then they meet up to say horrible jokes about everyone's weird or horny thoughts and laugh at us.

The mind readers are the richest, but they are not forming the government. "Nah, leave it to the silly fucks to man this silly country," they say. "It is too much work for our overworked brains. Lets just enjoy life and the twerps (aka non-mind-readers) rule the country while we golf again!"

Thus they go sniffing around the Mensa membership club (which test they passed coz they juz copied the nerdiest-looking person's answer) copying ppl's biz ideas and patenting inventions you thought only you could think of.

Some read the horses' minds to see if that particular horse would win for that particular race and earn lotsa big money this way.

My silly theory is the reason why i curb horny thoughts in public and the reason why I was somewhat horrified by that gal's look. She seemed to have read my mind. Then again she might have concluded that I was lusty coz of the drool.

Anyway back to Eddy. We had the most normal dinner and he left me for his friends an hour later.
He didnt stroke my hair today. =(

When Eileen cheerfully opened the door for me the first thing she said was "Wow, good hair day!". I love her.

And anyway, for any males who have the slightest bit of interest in me from reading da blog, be happy.

As I told Eileen, Eddy and I have passed that chemistry stage.

She frowned a bit, and replied, "Oh then now in Physics stage ah?"

She was not one to believe in the chemistry thingy.

I told her it is not "correct" to fuck friends. She frowned her disapproval.

Apparently Eddy has lost whatever interest he did have for me at first, if he did have any. He seemed somehow different today. The difference could be due to him finally deciding I am not the one for him and he should make it clear to me before I start to leech onto him.

Well anyway Eileen was telling me today (in Mandarin) about a person she didnt see for a long time.

"Wo zhen de shi JI BAI, I mean, hen jiu mei you kan dao ta le."

Me: "I heard you say Cheebye."

Eileen, embarrassed: "I wanted to say Ji bai nian but i realised it wasn't true."