I met up with the usual gang of RV friends after my last paper (woohoo!!!) today.

On the MRT something very interesting happened.

First, heres a map of our sitting position on the mrt.

Okie. Me and Enormous Ek were at Bugis waiting for Ghimz's mrt to come so that we could board it. While being real bored at Bugis, EK and I bought a bottle of Vanilla Coke from Cold Storage. When i saw Ghimz on the mrt, i passed the coke to him to drink.

A man, say mid-thirties, relatively ugly, balding, shirt and pants, bespectacled, suddenly intruded our happy conversation by coming over and poking Ghimz on his shoulder.

Lets call him Siao Kia.

Siao Kia, husky voice: "Excuse me, u are not allowed to drink on the MRT."

Ghimz, shocked: "Oh okie."

*passes the coke to me back*

I was like truely amused. The man got back to his seat and kept stealing glances at us.

I continued to drink gulps from the Vanilla Coke bottle happily. I told Ghimz that if he came to ask me not to drink, i will tell him i was trying to reward my curiosity. (okie thats a bit lame, but try to laugh please.)

Some time later...

Siao Kia: "Excuse me miss, u are not supposed to drink on the MRT."

*Goes back to seat*

Me: "But itz none of ur business." *Said across MRT*

*stares from everyone*


Me: "That it is none of ur business."

He semi-walked over, looking pretty menacing.

"Good, u say it is none of my business right? I WILL MAKE IT MY BUSINESS!!"

Me, lazily: "yeah okie..."

He decided there was nothing he can do but sit back down. After that he glanced accusingly at us a few times but i kept giving him sweet smiles.

We openly discussed why he was juz a freaking psychopath loudly while he pretended to sleep. (Eg "Skarly he is schizophrenic. Later he come over, apologize and say, 'Hey sorry, did my twin brother come over to scold u guys juz now?" We laughed loud. Ghimz suggested he was siao coz he was balding young and thus is troubled. EK juz feels he is a v good citizen.)

We were supposed to alight at Clementi but we missed the stop so we alighted at Jurong east instead. To go take the train of the opposite direction we had to either go down the escalators and up again, or wait for the middle train, and walk thru it to the other platform. We chose to walk thru the middle train.

Before we alighted I gave him a sugar sweet smile and waved goodbye. (ok this was sascasm, not flirting.) He didnt respond though.

He, however, decided to alight with us. He followed to the middle train and he stayed inside for some time sitting while we were now on the other platform. When he looked thru the window i smiled and waved goodbye again. He walked out of his train. (which goes towards Choa chu kang if u are confused.)

We entered into the train towards Clementi and he was standing outside it.

I took out my coke bottle and drank again when the train moved away. He could only look SUPER pissed.

It is so fun!!!!~!~!~

Okie this SO reminds me of another MRT incident of another Siao person. Happened some time ago.

That day i was going to East Coast so i wore shorts. (quite short shorts actually.) And i was ALONE.

There was this demented Indian lady (ard 50 plus?) who was mumbling very loudly and agitatedly to this young Chinese gal sitting beside her and the gal seemed to look pretty traumatized by her. They were both sitting opposite me in the MRT.

I was juz looking at them and feeling pity for the poor gal when suddenly i realised the lady's finger was pointing to me while she was complaining.

At this moment she looked at me and shouted in a VERY LOUD voice across the MRT. Trust me, it was so loud, ppl from the NEXT CARRIAGE looked over.


Me: *gasp*

She continued: "SHORTS ARE SO SHORT! MAY AS WELL NOT WEAR ANYTHING! No sense of shame!! (note: she repeated this sentence alot of times) U DUN FEEL EMBARRASSED?"

I actually found this like super amusing and i actually LAUGHED. I looked around. Maybe my laughter was infectious. Maybe the demented lady was funny. The passengers were laughing too!

"THIS IS NOT FUNNY. U are a disgrace!! No sense of shame! YOUR PARENTS TAUGHT U TO WALK AROUND NAKED?"

Her last sentence infuriated me. Say anything u want about me, but DO NOT INSULT MY PARENTS.

"It is none of ur business if u realised!"

She seemed pretty shocked that i got over my laughter so suddenly.

Please note she said the next sentence in a Sha jiao (like a little kid looking for attention) kinda way.

"You go away. I dun wanna see you! Hpmf!"

She turned her head so that she cant really see me.

Me: "YOU go away. This is a public place and i can stay wherever i want."

She then proceeded to walk away to the next carriage and sat down beside this random gal and complained really loudly about me. All i heard was "No sense of shame!!!". That said random gal was so irritated by the demented lady's constant yakking that she moved seats.

On the other hand, i took out my LOTR two towers and continued reading it. I wasnt embarrassed at all.

One thing she said was right. I have no sense of shame.

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