Thursday, May 29, 2003

I sent the email to Eddy already. And i even told him the blog's address. The male celebrity of my blog is possibly reading this at the same moment as you are.

Hello, Eddy!~

This is what I wrote. If u are interested to read.

Dearest Eddy...

It has been some time since we last met up.

I was just thinking the other day, where is this friendship going to end up?

The scenerio now is as such:
- We do not have any mutual friends.

- You do not view me as a potential girlfriend.

- We are not THAT close as normal friends.

Since we do not have mutual friends, obviously the chances of having a reason to meet up will be lessened by a lot.

Since you do not view me as a potential gf there goes another reason for meeting up often.

We are not that close as friends. I'm sure u have many many other friends who are of the same 'friend' status as me. Whats one less?

In conclusion, as time passes by, the friendship will fade off to nothingness. A reason like "to keep the friendship" is not a good reason for making an effort to keep in contact.

Can u imagine when you get married, and u invite me to ur wedding dinner, who should I sit with? Uni frens? Or a table specially for "Lone-ppl-I-met-at-weird-occasions-who-don't-know-any-of-my-other-friends"? Can I choose to sit beside you instead on the bridal table?

You know that I like you.


As much as I know that you dunch like me in that sense. Even if u once did feel something special, you have purposely let it die off. For what reason, I dunno. All I know is that now the chemistry is all gone, and now it feels funny to plain "meet up for dinner".

Or perhaps, the special feeling that I thought u had was all in my imagination. Maybe u are that happy when u are out with everyone. =) Maybe even if u seem happy when u are out with me, it doesnt mean u feel something special for me. It just means, well, u are happy, and u will remain happy if our relationship remains as friends.

I think our friendship cant really last much longer. It is really saddening but it cant be helped. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds u nice. Everyone else does too. So many ppl like your company. They are all fighting to have dinner with u, and dinner only happens once a day! I cant seem to be able to meet u nowadays.

If only the youngest wins the fight huh? Haha

I imagine when u got into nus to get ur masters, you will definitely be like the cutest guy in the class. And the cutest gal will be smarter, wiser, more mature and eh, cuter, than me. If she isn't attached and she likes you, her chances of being attached to u is much higher than mine, no? My point is that you wouldn't like me. I hope u will rebuke this point.

And "masters friends" will add to friend list. U will only have so much time for friends and if I got like 1/617 of ur time now, I will possible have like 1/893 very soon. Thats not counting the transversite friends u will be meeting when u go to Thailand for ur vacation.

I guess before the friendship shrivels to an end, I want to know ur feelings towards me.

Since guys are always tongue-tied answering these kinda questions, I guess I can give u multiple choice.

A) I dunch like you in that sense and I dun mind the friendship ending, actually. In fact, asap will be best.

B) I dunch like you in that sense but can we try to remain friends? Normal platonic friends? Stop lusting about me!

C) I like u somehow but I just dun think we should be together coz career comes first. However if I must choose someone to marry it will be you.

D) I like your body only. Lets be fuck buddies.

E) Wendy I have been in love with you all this while, cant you tell! Lets get married despite the weak pun on our wedding banner. (ie Wendy and Eddy are married)

Eddy if u are reading this and u are horrified that I write everything on my blog, do not worry coz ur reply will be kept private. =) Especially if your choice is D. Wahhahahhaha!

To every other reader: Can u all gimme ur opinions on this please? Continue liking Eddy, or move on to Bernard? Leave comments.

No, if I be together with Bernard there will NOT be free Char siew noodles for you.