Saturday, May 24, 2003

I was just talking to Elf on irc just now, and he brought me to utter hell.

[SliVer] remember i was telling u abt bad blogs? blogs that are fake and negative, and have totally nothing positive about them? and they merely serve as some kind of outlet, how the author writes about herself is what she can NEVER ever be in real life
[SliVer] go read

(little interruption here, before u go read, finish reading what I have to say abt her first, k k?)

[SliVer] that is exactly what i mean
[SliVer] i feel sick to the stomach

Lolz. This girl is horrible. I finally understood what Elf was saying when he said that negative blogs will nv be popular.

So please do go write whatever u think of her in that comments thing she has there! heehee let her reflect a little.

After reading her blog please come back to mine and be really glad that not all blogs are like that. Some blogs even tell u how to cheat on bus fares *ahem*. I suddenly feel very eh, happy, that my main motive of writing my blog is to make ppl laugh (besides ranting, which is not the point), not to force them to commit suicide with morbid events.

If u are the owner of that blog and u see this please do not feel glad that suddenly so many ppl (aka ppl who clicked on ur link from my page) are reading ur blog. They are not interested in ur fucked-up daily activities whatever unless they are bloody sadists. Your blog is just used as an example to tell the world that blogs should not be like that. Even a donkey can write a happier blog.

At the end of the day I realise, of course, that she is just a Xiao Ah Lian. So we should all forgive her.

Hiyah I know what u are thinking lar!!! I also last time Ah lian right!! Yeah lar true but at least I am not a cynical morbid Ah lian mah! I was a Happy Lian! I had this cute furry yellow Piyo Piyo bag and bright pink scrunchies to complete the Happy Lian look.

Heres how Piyo piyo looks like, in case anyone is interested.

I collected Neoprints and all sorts of coloured pointed combs, Lolz. Anyway I am not an Ah lian anymore so yeah...

Today was utterly boring. I chose to rot at home although James and Lut both asked me out. [Lut is a half-German guy who asked for my number in school]

Yesh yesh Lut is pronounced as Loot. Quite cute huh. I decided he can say this lame sentence to the gal he likes.
"You have stolen my heart, so I'm now your Lut(loot)"

Lolz. I am so lame....