I was juz thinking of which Xmen i would choose to become when it suddenly struck me.

If Mystique were to be together with Magneto, he is a very lucky man.
She is EVERY guy's ultimate fantasy.

Magneto: "Mystique, today i want u to be a nurse. Hmmmm uniform pure white, with a nice name like Cherie. I want you to nurse me back to health, if u know what i mean...." *wink wink*

Mystique: *poof*

U could change her from this:

to this:

Or this: (u can imagine u are some beach hunk.)

Or if u are into this kind, this:

Or even this. Bleah.

Itz all up to ur fantasy! Magneto doesnt look like he is *ahem* that strong though.He looks pretty old, but maybe his *ahem* is made of metal ya know... LOLz

OK enough already about magneto's prowess. Itz making me feel quite sick to the stomach.

I was juz thinking the Xmen set's guys are like pretty lucky. Since Mystique is juz painted (Note: she was actually almost nude except for nipple stickers and a small g string i think.), they can like juz bump into her boobs "accidentally."

Hugh Jackman: "Oops!!! Sorry sorry i didnt mean to!"

Rebecca Romjin-Stamos: "Nabeh not again. #&#@^&%!!"


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