I'm a bitch.

What swear word are you?
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This's the season to be mugging lala lala laa la lalala.... (sing to christmas tune.)

My life is SO blatantly bland now that i would liken it to a piece of wet sock.

Oh well. Lets see what i will do once i get outta exam hell...

*Buy my digicam and with the camera,
-Take pictures of all my unwanted clothes to sell at yahoo auctions.
-Take pictures of Cloudy (my dog) before mom snips off all his fur again

*Call Adryan and pretend nothing happened.
*Go out with Josh.
*Go out with Sijie
*Go out with Cai.
(ok ok the list of guys end here!)

*Do all sorts of things to make Eddy like me.
*Buy a new computer monitor that is NOT bluish in colour (yeah mine has something v wrong with it.)
*Go recolour hair which is has AN INCH (omg!! *gasp*) of black growing out.
*Work my ass off for all my expenses. Prolly as Ritz Carlton's banquet waitress and while being there,
-Find a sugar daddy (who doesnt wan to fuck me) to purchase my LV bags for me.

Oh yeah man. I can't wait. *chokes in suffocation*

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