Friday, May 23, 2003

I'm very very very very very pissed now. Yesterday night, my mom was using the computer so I cant use it. I waited from 12 am till 3 am doing nothing except watching a movie which i had watched before already and when she finished using at 3, she REFUSED to let me use the computer, saying it is too late.

And then we got into another fight.

I insisted on using the com.

She insisted on standing right beside to look at me use it.

Can u imagine how irritating that is? She told me to use it tml morning or else she will stand there.


Then i woke up specially at 12 pm (THATS FUCKING EARLY BTW) and there she was, using the com again.

And I was forced to watch Fei Chang Nan Nu, which I dun enjoy at all, while I waited. Although she used the bloody com for her work, I'm still fucking pissed coz of the bloody waiting. I wanted to write about alot of stuff but now I dun feel like it already.

If last night she would just let me use it at 3am, I wun be so pissed right now and there will be alot of interesting pictures and a whole new funny entry. BUT NO. I'm too pissed except to rant.

So yeah. If u are a fan patiently awaiting my entry, blame my mom.

Otherwise, put some cash into my bank account 175-22104-2 and I will buy a new laptop.