Monday, May 12, 2003

Isnt it fun to decide on favourites?

My fav colour is pink, my fav food is pasta, my fav sex position is.. OOPS.. too much info...

Anyway, today i decided on my FAV minister.

He is...................... Dr Vivian Balakrishnan!!!!!

Yeah ok enough gasping i noe his name is for females. But Anyway, I like him coz:

1)He is the cutest amongst all ministers in Singapore. At least in PAP. Coming in second, sadly, is Goh Chok Tong.
2)He remains cute despite having a female name.
3)He managed to answer incoherent poly kids' questions very well in a talk he gave in SP some time ago. More abt that later.
4)He somewhat looks like jesus in that picture. *imagine a kid's head below that hand.*

Here are some random quotes from him:

Dr Vivian, who's also the chairman of the Remaking Singapore Committee, said: "If you want to dance on a bar top, some of us will fall off the bar top. Some people will die as a result of liberalising bar top dancing, not just because they've fallen off the bar top, but it's usually because a young girl with a short skirt dancing on it may attract some insults from some other men, the boyfriend will start fighting and some people will die.

"Blood will be shed for liberalising this policy. Whilst I support the liberalisation, I also want all of us to be aware that there is a price to be paid for liberty. If we are convinced that our society is ready to pay that price or that that price is a necessity, let's go in but go in with our eyes wide open."

LOLz. Cool. Bartop dancing...

Ok more abt the incoherent poly kids. Ok dunch get me wrong here. Not ALL poly kids are incoherent. I'm not incoherent. June sometimes manages to be coherent (i'm kidding.). Even the top student of RJ might get incoherent when he is confronted by his mum with shagging his dog.

What i'm saying is, If u know u are incoherent, please DO NOT embarrass ur school by asking questions in a talk which is filmed and will be boardcast. Furthurmore, a talk given by my fav minister. He will think bad of Sp students and if i see him somewhere and ask for his signature he might run away.

That evening Dr Vivian gave a talk in SP about Youths in Singapore. While the talk was well given, it is no doubt it is written by his PR manager of course. What mattered most was the Q & A section.

Firstly, there were some Poly kids waving (what do u call those protest wooden boards?) protest wooden boards ard. It wrote stuff like "Down with WAR on IRAQ!!!" One of them went to the mike and said he objected the decision to have a war.


1) Like Vivian has any power to stop the war at all, which is, HELLO?, in America, btw.
2) The questions were meant to be for the talk, and War is totally irrelevant.

NVM. He answered the fellow abt why the war Shld take place and asked him to think about it.

The second fellow was SOOOOOoooo EXTREMELY incoherent, that NO ONE understood what he said (besides himself). Within a 2 min question, the whole lecture theatre was laughing and Vivian was frowning hard. The only few words i could decipher was Housing Board. Thats it.

Vivian manged to get past this one but talking something about Housing Board's decision on some policy and justified it. I'm very amazed by his hearing skills.

The third fellow asked, no, gave a speech, about ppl in Singapore being judged by their education level. His whole point was JUST that, and he took like 10 minutes to say it. There was no pertinence given; he juz simply tried to further illustate his point by repeating himself like The Song That Never Ends. (now i got the irritating tune into ur head, didnt i??)

Halfway through he got pretty agitated with the fact that he was judged according to his education and got really angry with poor innocent cute Vivian. Awwww...

I turned to June and told her:
"Not judged by education, then judged by what? PENIS SIZE ah?!"

Itz like damn stupid lor. To find out a person's worth certainly there must be some tangible results for which the test is the same for everyone. Education itself is not juz about studying skills mah. Within it are other talents to be discovered, like Artistic, musical, sports, or a specialisation in other subjects like Language or Maths.

A good education is a good enough symbol for a person's utilization. If u are not good at memorizing, it means u are intelligent. If u are not intelligent, at least it means u are diligent. Certainly education is a good representation of ideals a person should possess? Furthermore, it is fair. If you want to argue that u were lazy once, not dumb, and that mistake u wun make again, well, go retake ur O levels and hide the L1R5 of 39 away. Unless u specialise in stuff like Cooking, there is little education cannot prove.

If that fellow is so bitter about say, a Uni student being employed in favour of himself, then too bad coz other than education, I dun see how the employer could have other ways of determining who is a better worker. Maybe penis size?

The fellow went on to comment that with a Diploma, u can only go this far in life.

Very apparently this is not true and there was an uproar in the lecture theatre coz everyone disgreed with him. Vivian laughed at the ridiculous comment and asked us instead, "Well SP students, do u think what he said is true? That Poly students cannot go far in life?" (audience says No...) "Ok we will get one representative to come out and give his or her views on this."

Promptly a female student stepped up to the make-shift podium. She smiled sweetly. Everyone waited for her to tell the previous fellow that he was wrong about his cynical ideas.

"There are more and more foreign talents being retrenched in favour of Singaporean workers. How do u think this will effect our society?

I covered my face in my hands. Everyone weeped. She has juz proven the previous fellow right. SP students are damn stupid. At least some are.

Oh no no no she was not only irrelevant. It doesnt stop there of course.

1) The facts are wrong, it is the local workers being retrenched in favour of foreign talents.

The affect, i mean, effect of what she had said will effect, i mean, affect, me for life. She traumatized me. All of them did.

Theres only one explanation for these incoherent poly kids being actually CHOSEN to ask questions. SP hates Vivian and wanted to make things difficult for him.

Bleah. What a long entry.