Thursday, May 29, 2003

Itz another typical day working at New Park Hotel.

Heres a typical waiter at New Park Hotel stealing Fox candy to eat.

As you all can see I am very excited indeed about my camera to go ard taking bo liao snapshots at non-aesthetic subjects. Oops! So mean. Wahhahaha...

And before blog writing, it was just another typical day parked in IRC.

[blurboi] hi there
[blurboi] how are you?
[Xia`xue] u are?
[blurboi] mi 22/m/ch
[blurboi] you?
[Xia`xue] when u are 22 u are no longer a "boi"
[blurboi] but i am realli 22

How totally irrelevant. Did I even say that I didnt believe he is 22? God bless the irrelevant. Whats worse is that they really do not understand how they are being irrelevant. SP has a lot of irrelevant ppl. Androgenous Aaron is one of them.

Typical scenerio:

Typical Teacher: Class, why is the sky blue? Ah, you! At the back! (Teacher doesnt know what she is in for!)

Typical irrelevant person: Coz teacher, the grass is green.

Typical Teacher: Huh? How are the two linked?

Typical irrelevant person: Huh what u mean by how link? Coz grass is green then sky is blue lar! Coz u are ugly thats why u are not married lar! Same what! (Please note the analogy is irrelevant as well)

Typical (female) Teacher: *thinks: WTF. I already go for surgery liao u still say i ugly. U even more fucking ugly! Fucking disgusting buck teeth with so many pimples! Fucking adolescents think they damn smart. If I can I will slap ur freaking teenage face with a large trout!* Instead says: Thats being rude. Please watch your behaviour!

In this kinda typical scenerios you can see the Irrelevant are so irritating that no one bothers to correct them any more.

They end up marrying their kind coz no one else can tolerate (or understand) them. Their only point in getting married is to have sex coz they can't really understand each other as well.

Wife: Dearie go buy butter.

Husband: Huh? Butter use to put on bread one what. Buy for what?

Wife: Huh? Butter put on bread, then kettle oso use for boil. Means Kettle oso muz buy lor.

Husband: Kettle is used to boil coz it is meant for it. Just like my little brother here meant to make u feel... happy... *takes off wife's clothes*

And no one buys the butter. Or Kettle. Was the kettle needed?

Their kids might actually miraculously turn out to be relevant ppl when they are born but obviously they turn irrelevant when they keep interacting with their irrelevant parents.

Mum: Baby why is the sky blue? Tell mummy?

Kid: Coz the sky is utimately far away and since light has different wavelengths and blue light's wavelength is the shortest, it gets scattered around much more than all the other colors from the sun, causing the sky to appear blue.

Mum: *frowns* Thats not correct. It is coz the grass is green.

Kid: *confused* But mom y is the grass green?

Mum: Huh coz the clouds are white!

Kid: Oh! I get it. So the clouds are white coz, ah, donkeys are brown!

Mum: Zhen cong ming!

Dad and mum finally cant tolerate each other and divorce. Their kids are irrelevant thus they are not well-liked. Thats makes them a tad cynical. The kids are oso traumatized coz mum and dad are divorced and whenever they ask their parents "Do you love me?" the parents give replies like "I love donkeys."

The kids are confused. They are morbid. They possibly turn out like this. In fact, they even start to LOOK like donkeys coz they thought mum and dad likes donkeys. LOLz

These kids hate the world and they are the ones who all migrate to Iraq and help Saddam bomb towers (oops was osama right) and build his nice torture chambers.

Terrible indeed. Next time ur friend is irrelevant, kick his balls to make sure he doesnt have kids in future like the above mentioned. If a gal is irrelevant itz okie coz she may be trying to act cute.