Tuesday, May 27, 2003

LOLz.. What is it with all the anger here? hmmm... My blog is supposed to be a happy one. And a happy one it is. Any angrier and it will become like the whats-her-name?'s blog.

Ok whats-her-name is just some silly teenager (possibly angry coz she got some zits). Can we be bothered with such ppl? No? so yeah, lets drop the topic.

And yeah whats-her-name if u are still reading my blog, go away and stop reading it coz nothing will be mentioned about u after this. U are just interesting for like half an hour, of disgust.

Okie for happier ppl here, I didnt write my blog yesterday coz I stayed over at Bernard's place. Hmmmm.. What did we do? Nothing much actually. We cant do much coz I had my period anyway. Oops!! Too much info. No lar... Hahhaha.. I'm not that much a slut.

But things went pretty well between us.

I was just thinking that if I suddenly get attached, what are the consequences?

Less time for most friends.

I will be grilling Char siew after school at Geylang Lorong 13. (bernard's dad owns a coffee shop at the said place and he sells Char siew noodles and bernard works there too.) [BAD]

One exception will be that I will be spending more time with XF. She is extremely gleeful with the fact that we can double date and play mahjong together. Mahjong will not be a good idea for bernard though coz if I lose it will all go to his account. LOLz.

Certainly will be glad for the excuse to get closer to XF again. Although in name she remains my best friend (this true only for my side. Xf's best friend is prolly Hui fen. Wahahhahaha!), we have never been as close we were in secondary school, somehow. [GOOD]

More endorphins.

You know why. And more endorphins means I will be a happier person in general. [GOOD]

I might die from the predicted bike accident. (see previous blog) Not only that, I will be wearing jeans/pants all the time. No more skirts. [BAD]

No more admirers who will do nice things for me. [BAD]

Lets see who are the self proclaimed admirers so far.

- Lut. I think he really likes me but I dunch like ponytails on guys. Hmmm.. Guess I would have to break his heart. Anyway he didnt do much to "chase" me. In fact, when he called me up, he actually has the nerve to ask me why I don't call him. I told him he was supposed to be the one calling since he claims he likes me.

He replied that it is the 21st century and gals can do the chasing as well as guys.

??? What the?? How come now become I must chase him??!

- Cai. Our dear doctor here (nus med student) may fit into the dream guy's avocation but once again, he claims he likes me but yet he doesnt do anything to try to make me touched or something.

He somehow has this thinking that a lot of other guys are chasing after me. He says insecure stuff like "Wanna meet me? U can say no coz I know u got alot of other guys dating you."

I was thinking a donkey possibly has more self-confidence than him. I told him what he said is not true and he refused to believe it. He proceeds to say irritating stuff like "U so pretty, so cute, how is that possible?" Well, it IS possible coz only he seems to think that I am pretty and cute.

Bleah. I dunch like inconfident men. And anyway, if only he knows that they are not doing anything about their self-proclaimed love, like himself.

- Hatasan. Hmmmm... Well u can only like a person so much by reading her blog. I dunch think he likes me anyway.. Just some interest. Will fade off soon I guess. James, u seem to have like so many other sexy gals in ur life anyway. =)

- Daren. This guy is good. I told him I am not interested in him and yet he still messages me. Please note that I do not reply the messages. He has done this for like a month already.

- Yiqiang. He is in army now so he cant do much except to call at 1030 pm, when I am constantly not free to talk.

- Okie fine the list ends here

I was just thinking how come nowadays guys just plain refuse to be super nice to girls anymore. Or maybe it has nothing to do with 'nowadays'. Maybe it has to do with age.

Perhaps it is far more silly for a 25 yr old man to put a big teddy at a female's doorstep with a bunch of roses and a nice poem like "Roses are red, violets are blue. I love you, coz my love is true" than a 15 yr old boy.

Has the 25 yr old stopped to consider that not only will the female be more touched since it is so silly and yet he did it, it is also easier for him to do the above because he is richer and possibly can drive already?

Haiz... All men care about nowadays are themselves. Of course. How many guys can actually do stuff for a gal knowing, FOR SURE, that she will never be with him, but did it anyway coz he wants her to feel happy? I know i can't. I would want some tangible rewards. Like sex. (Is that all u think about???!!! *nods*) Boy am I glad I am not a guy. I would certainly have added to the jerk count.

But I am a gal. Gals are meant to be pampered, so there.

I ask some of my ex-admirers why they claimed they like me yet they do not do anything to try to make me feel special. They all said that they dunch want to be wasting their time when they noe I wun be with them. So they just sulk around. And till they think that I might agree to finally be with them, they dun waste their precious time, money, and effort on me.

Perhaps as men grow older they realise that women are simply not worth the effort coz they are manipulative creatures. Although she doesnt like you, she still would act as if she likes u a teeny bit to make u drive her around, run errands, do pedicures, buy LV bags etc.

Men want women to show outright that they (women) are in love to conjure a reason for them (men) to be extra nice to the ladies. But this is silly coz if the woman show outright that she likes the man, there is no need to be extra nice as she would agree to be his GF already. -_-

In the end no one is nice to each other. Only silly little 15 yr old boys buy big pooh bears to place outside doors.

I think guys should be nice coz the little secret here is that most of the time the gals would seriously be touched and would agree to be ur gfs finally. (more about this later)

After which quarrels will break out coz she will complain that u were not as nice to her as u were when u were wooing her. She would demand pooh bears outside corridors everyday and u will be broke. And that leads to another reason for her to break with u...

Vicious cycle. The point here is, buy little pooh bears so that u can afford one per week or so.

Speaking of nice guys and whether gals will accept them finally. There was once this guy called Adrian (not the one in love with XF, another one) who liked me alot. He was ultra nice to me and all, but i decided I just dun like him coz he got bad breath. And I cant possibly tell him he has bad breath.

Digressing a little, bad breath is very lethal (weak rhyme not intended) coz it makes u feel a little nauseous when thinking of kissing the person.

So up till today, unless he reads my blog, he is totally baffled as to why I dun like him when he is not-very-ugly, smart, rich and a commando. Actually commando or clerk doesnt matter to gals but guys seem to find it a big honour to be a commando. So yeah. To me, the only difference is the pay. Blame for for being realistic here will you!

Well but possibly he is fighting his ass off at East Timor or Iraq now so it doesnt matter anymore.

And speaking of nice guys.

When I was 15, I knew this burma guy from banqueting. We got together but i lost interest in him like super fast. His name is Aung Myo. If u know an Aung Myo, its possibly the same guy. Aung Myo may be the most popular name in Iraq or Burma but how many Aung Myos can u get in S'pore?

I was working at Sheraton Towers Hotel during my sec 3 end of year hols. It was 1999 when I was in sec 3, and stepping into the Millennium. I chose to work on 31/12/1999 coz there was double pay. Celebration would come after work.

Aung Myo did not manage to book for work that day, but he requested for me to spend the passing into the millennium with him. I said "Uhhhh, see how."

Later during work I msged him with my nokia 3810 (what 3810? U dunno one lar, one or those big black phones) to tell him that I will be spending my Millennium celebrations with gal friends and not him. He subsequently tried to call me alot of times which in turn, caused my phone to be drained of whatever battery life a Nokia 3810 has.

Later on I happily spent the Millennium with my friends till 2 am. I on my phone again to call my mum to fetch me from the mrt (she wanted to do this herself) and when she drove me to my house's carpark, Aung Myo called.

"Where are you?"

"Just reached home. Why?"

"Where got home I dun see you."


It seemed that Mr Aung has been waiting for me at my void deck for like since 9pm. He told me he tried to call me to tell me he will be waiting for me to get home to at least get a glimpse of me, but my phone was off.

Thats where he spent his Millennium. At a queenstown void deck. When the rest of the world is celebrating with champagne and bangalas trying to anyhow touch young gals.

The simple thought of spending the Millennium (millennium leh! How many millenniums can u get in ur life!) at a queenstown void deck was so flabbergasting that he managed to get an award for "Most touching thing a Guy did for Wendy."

The best is yet to be. (pun on acs' motto not intended.)

I called him with my home phone and he said he would like to meet me for a while. I told him I can't do that coz my mum would suspect something. He said he had a Millennium gift for me. Whoever thought of Millennium gifts?! But thats not the point. I told him to leave it in the corridor.

He bought this big balloon thingy (big balloon transparent) with 3 other small balloons and a Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel stuff toy inside. The Kitties are in wedding costumes. The balloon is so pretty! It is absolutely humongous (for a balloon) and it was filled with ribbons and such. Very sweet indeed.

Beside the Balloon was this Fann wong VCD (I liked her at that point of time. Forgive me, I was only 15.).

I felt SO bad. Finally I still broke up with him as I cant really force myself to like him when I dunch. Ah sad ending.

Oops I realised I digressed too much.

Later I will be meeting Bernard again and we will see if he is worth the 3 [BAD]s. =)

(to be read in newscaster tone.) shi er dian xin wen, zai wei ning xiang xi bao dao. *smiles*