Thursday, May 15, 2003

My heart just skipped a beat. And now it isnt thumping the way it is supposed to. I feel cold all over. *shivers*

Read this, an email from Kiligula, who happened to chance upon my blog, AND was my RV senior. (i hope u dun mind me publishing this out.)

How can eddy be in ur club when he graduated like 3 yrs ago???!
u confirm it is the same eddy meh???
Hey call me or something leh i wanna hear abt it!!

i not free to call u lar ....... i have no idea who is eddy ... i am in yr 2 now , but the friend who send me ur blog is a yr 4 canoeist ....
club as in NTU canoeing club... eddy shud be from hall 4, and apparently is a friend of a mutual friend of mine...... thats all ... thats it and sort it out urself...

YIKES! What if he sees the blog! i cant erase anything coz everywhere got his name. OMG.. *paranoid*
And he will be freaked out to find out that i like him. Dammit.

thats ur problem.... and high possibility of this happening cos my friend post ur blog site on her Livejournal and there are 4 hall 4 ppl there including me... all knows the mutual friend (PX) of eddy... and eddy's friend PX... is one of the 4 person .. .muahaha.... and i bet he read ur blog also liao ........ and could have told eddy liao... i dunno... muahahahaha

What freaking ominous laughter!

OMG. OMFG. I am so gonna DIE. Eddy doesnt know that i like him, and if u are the said mutual friend (PX), please dun tell him! Our friendship will be so awkward! And he doesnt know i like him! HE WUN EVER EVER call me back again except to inform me to get dressed on XX date; we are going to court coz i posted his pictures and thats against copyrights law.

Well (i'm trying to keep my calm), if u are reading this right this moment Eddy, i guess heres my last *sobz* chance to talk to u.

Firstly, I didnt mean to post the pictures. Ok yesh actually i meant to post it but I didnt mean it for ppl who know u to see it! I tot my blog was lousy (which could, incidently, be the exact reason why ppl read it actually), I tot only June bothered to read it, I didnt know it will get so far! I didnt know NTU students read it!

Secondly, I do not like u at all. Ok yeah right. Alright since u know i like u now, eh, u can just tell me u dun like me i guess. And our friendship will go back to normal, right? *blink eyes and swallows*

Shit i feel like some candidate in The Bachelor. Think i must be more confident, hor? Does everyone here encourage me to go for Eddy? *Imagines a resounding "Yes!!" and a few pats on the shoulder*

Ok. Aaron, oops i mean, Eddy, I want u to know that there was not one day, that passed without me thinking of you. (esp today, shudders) . Dammit i cant bring myself to say mushy things! Alright in short, u are able to make me feel really bursting with happiness whenever i am out with u. U are smart, u are cute, u are witty, u are juz different and I think i have fallen deeply in love with u, complete to the Gola bag and ur mum and the TV in ur room which screened the disgusting octupuses.

Other guys may be smart, cute, and witty too but i dunch know why i juz like u, dammit. However my guess is that, since u didnt ask me out for like a week, u prolly got quite sick of me huh. Maybe our chemistry is wearing off (not on my side though), maybe u found some new women. Maybe u dun share my sentiments abt us. Maybe u like donkeys.

Maybe Eddy is not reading this at all! *feels stupid*

But if u are... I , erm, love you and give us a chance?

I will be a good girlfriend. I will not flirt around. I will strictly wear Giordano clothes. I will learn to give good massages. I will wash dishes for ur mom. I will not abuse the family pet or our future kids. I will send myself home safely after dates. I wun even force our kids to believe in Wendism like i once said. I will stop saying 'fuck'. I will be a good, caring, considerate girlfriend!

Ok thats it. i seriously think Eddy is reading the blog now since i juz msged him and he didnt reply... But then again it is 1:40 am.

Something totally irrelevant. When u juz saw the initials LJ, what did u think of? Long John? (it stands for LiveJournal actually) Wahhaha i did. And I had this ex called Jonathan and i asked him one day if he named his penis and he said he did and it was called "Long John". I told him when it was not erected, it would be called "John Little." Lolz.. Ok back to Eddy...

*breaks down completely*

BOOHOOHOO!!!!! This is so horrific.