Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Oh holy shit! Guess what i got from my email:

"Leow, Min C"

It seems like you seem to judge men by their penis size. How shallow of
you! I demand you apologize to guys with small penies ( btw, how do i
spell penis in plural? peniss? pena? pennies? ponies? somebody help me

Anyway, are you sure you never had sex before? Don't bluff! You are no
virgin mary, one look i can tell liao. Confess!

Oh, anyway, i agree with your point that SP people are stupid.

To him i say:
Well, i never said i am a virgin, U muz be crazy. Thus, i can conclude that either u are a hallucinater, or ur understanding of my blog was so totally off that u thought my point was that i am a virgin. This, totally renders u dumber than my average schoolmate coz not all of them are as stupid as u think. Some can actually build electronic mice, which can move around. Can u?

And yeah the whole paragraph reeks of a start to what a sex pervert will write. What am i supposed to do? Break down and cry and say "Ya, i'm not a virgin!!!! Boohoohoo!!"? And which after this he would reply something like "Then one more time wun affect you. How much for a night?"

Well MY VIRGINAL STATUS IS NONE OF UR FUCKING BUSINESS. You shld be more concerned about whether ur mum is fucking ard than caring about some person who u possibly do not know in real life. Duh.

And well, the penis size thing was JUST A BLOODY JOKE. Isnt it like obvious? Juz a gentle reminder of what ur body lacks and u get all infuriated.

On the other hand, ppl, it just goes to show that my blog is getting popular. Izzit juz Xf's and June's photos doing the publicity?

p/s: Plural of Penis is Penises or Penes.