Sunday, May 18, 2003

Ok I'm home finally after being saturated in my RV friends' companionship for 2 straight days (and nights). You see, XF, EK and PY stayed over at my place too yesterday night.

And another 'finally'. Remember (if u are an ardent reader. If not, please repent ur ways now) that my Rv frens (aka Evil frens coz they are very evil) celebrated my bdae at Ghimz place much too early? Coz this year i suggested that they chip in money for my digicam [note: till now not bought yet.], I didnt get any bdae prezzie except for these.

Nope, i didnt get EK as a bdae prezzie [left of pic is EK lar]. Actually since she is going to Law school i guess i would like a personal-lawyer-cum-slave-to-sue-the-shit-outta
-anyone-who-goes-to-city-harvest-for-tax-evasion to be my bdae prezzie. But NO.... They are not so kind!

I got Lays (in my bluish screen it looks somewhat yellow green. FREAKY) and Vanilla coke as my prezzies instead. It is right to say that they are shitty presents coz by now they have already become the said adjective.

After they took my "presents" out of the NTUC plastic bags and said happily "TA DAH!", they were flustered. This is because what were supposed to be bdae presents suspiciously looked like daily groceries. In horror, they looked around hastily for a ribbon to disguise the grocery as decent gifts friends of more than 6 yrs of stable friendship will give.

Ghimz's mom provided the solution by passing them one of those things u can turn miraculously into a Chinese New Year orange (ornament, not the real thing). That is the orange ribbon u saw in the pic. They had a little difficulty with tying the ribbon; meanwhile while everyone tried to tie it the chocolate fudge cake slowly melted.

Although Chocolate fudge cake from Prima Deli is actually my favourite, i refuse to see the sweet act of remembering and actually buying the cake as having a purely amiable and innocent purpose of making me feel touched. Actually for the past 4 years they bought me the same cake. But if one is my ardent fan, and once again i stress is a good thing, one will realise that the cake buying DOES NOT COINCIDE WITH THEIR BDAE WISHES!

Quoted, Xf said she wished that I will become slimmer, and will have a bf soon. And it is always XF who buys the cakes. Chocolate fudge cake for becoming slimmer!!! I SAW RIGHT THRU UR EVIL PLANS DONG XIAO FENG! U want to make me FAT!

Nonetheless, we ate like pigs.

Who is that gal 2nd from left? Yesh, itz the Potty Peiying whos pic i didnt have!

Ah well i guess that added a few calories (okok a few thousand) to my waist but i think i achieved around 6 orgasms from eating Chocolate Fudge cake (from Prima Deli, i repeat. Go buy it!)! What to do, no bf muz get natural highs from other things mah.

Here are a list of things i feel gives orgasms without the risk of getting pregnant and having to dump the baby into a reservior.

1) Cafe Cartel Forest of Mushroom pasta for $9.90 without service charge (ironic since the plates there are BLOODY heavy. Try to carry it) and free flow of french loaves, and cold plain water.

2) Go to a big field and wait for a mosquito to sting you, den smack it to death.

3) (for gals only) Go to Wacoal to try a bra cup bigger than ur size and realise that actually, it FITS! Their 32C is actually Triumph's 32B. Although now i tell you the truth, u will feel very happy for a while till the truth sinks in in that fitting room. Shout "I'm a C I'm a C!! Yaaay!!! FINALLY!!!" and watch aunties giving very envious stares that u are still developing.

4) Next time u go past a deserted area with small lamp posts, give one a kick. The light will actually black out and come back in a while! U will feel strangely strong and happy that u can actually diminish lamp posts.

5) Write blogs to insult anyone you want. Be clear of the laws of defamation first though. I can sell u my notes, complete with explanation for $30.00. Thats the cheapest legal advice u can get!