Friday, May 23, 2003

Okie I am feeling slightly better after all the ranting... So I shall now write about what I was writing last night, which are basically outdated by now.

American Idol 2!!

If u guys read the comments thingy on the side, you all must be thinking "what the hell is june talking about?"

It is like this. We both agreed that Clay Aiken looks like Adryan, whom I think looks like the mad magazine guy, and also looks like George Bush.

Ridiculous, u say?


Look like right. Aha! Actually it is all about the ears.

Alright. Yesterday I was at PY's place so I used her scanner to scan the KTV picture June Ek and I took.

Here it is:

Remember I said I looked like a mistress in that pic? Just to prove my point and my photoshop skills...

Yikes!! I am glad in real life I am not touching uncles like these. Yucks.

Anyway, I scanned in some of the photos taken at my last year's bdae. I just realised that every bdae I get food (am I that much of a glutton?!). Year 2002 they disguised the "bdae present" groceries better though, in the form of a hamper. I look like a siao kia carrying it around.

Oh yeah, look! straight hair!! Black too!!! Nicer?

Please note that Ah dong is the odd one out in the picture coz she is so bloody tall! We all dunch like her... Sheesh.. Despise tall ppl...

Seems like last year my fav foods included green Pringles (is that how to spell it?) and Pokka green tea. This year my taste has changed to Vanilla coke and Yellow Lays. Hmmmm...

If anyone is interested to know where we got that very sexy backdrop from, it is from Jurong Point's Esprit. Quite nice huh.. =)