Saturday, May 3, 2003

The previous entry was a rather cynical one... Well i think i would have offended some ppl, but hey, thats what Blogs are for... Outlets for our expressions. Today's blog shall be a happy one!!!

Firstly, i msged Eddy, who was in Malaysia for the long holiday (by himself!! he said he wanted to try travelling alone) all the way till monday.. So sian cant see him for the weekend... And Eddy replied quite sweetly. OK FINE itz nothing much actually but i shall read it to myself in a loving tone to make myself happier. LOLz yup i'm a master of self deceit. I am TALL and BEAUTIFUL.

Anyway, today as I was watching Pokemon with my bro, i thought that it was juz really cute that the only noise Pokemons can make are to say their own names. This week's special Pokemon is a CHINCHOU!!!

Click here if u cant see the pic


The producer didnt realise the striking resemblance of the name to a certain drink in Singapore huh? As the show went on i kept imagining that the pokemon was asking for a cup of refreshing chinchou drink.

Pokemon guy, Ash, or something: "Oh, u are back!!"

Chinchou: "Chin chou!!"

Ash: "i just want to to know that we all will miss u, no matter how long u go away to the sea..."

Chinchou: "Chin chou...."

Ash: "Well do take care my friend, and come back soon!!" *sheds a tear*

Chinchou: "Chou...."


Chinchou: "Chin chin chou!!!!! CHIN CHOU CHOU CHIN CHIN!!!" (translates to: I like Chin chou cannot ah?")

Okie i'm so bo liao. Wahahhaha... Heres pictures of my 2 fav pokemon!! Yeah, i notice they both are pink. If not why i like them?? LOLz

Click here if u cant see the pic

Jigglypuff: "Jigglypuff Jiggly...." (translate: Wendy i love u too...)

Click here if u cant see the pic

Smoochum: "Smooch!!" (translate: Smooch!!)

They love me too!!!