Monday, May 19, 2003

The Sexiest part of A Man's Body

Hahhaha.. I can vaguely hear everyone say "CHEY!~!!!"

I dunno why i like the hip bone leh. Itz not really clear in Justin's pic, but supposedly it forms a line that sort of leads down to the penis and that is like so suggestive!!!

Ironically, the hip bone hurts the inner thighs when a gal is sitting on the guy. It is not good to have protruding hip bones during sex. But maybe I like pain. OOOPS! TOO MUCH INFO... Wahahhaha... Anyways the sexy thing about the hipbone thingy is that you cant be like fat, or else it cannot be seen.. Must be like very fit and have golden brown smooth skin sheened over it.. Yum!

Okie lets zoom in on Justin's pelvis.

See the veins? SEE THE VEINS?

Omg it is damn sexy too!!! It is nature's way of telling u that hot blood is pumping down to where it should go when a man is interested (I am talking about just physically here). I love the veins!! Gosh I am beginning to sound like a horny Nympho.

Ok hipbones and penis veins for guys. What about gals?

Hmmm, i guess i cant speak like I am an expert since I am heterosexual. I guess most guys will be mumbling "breasts lor, what else?", or "legs legs legs!!!", or, "Wah lau butt lar!" etc etc.

I dun find any particular parts of the woman's body much more sexy than other parts coz i think itz all about curves.

Weight is unfortunately important coz fats does cover the contours. I dunch think height matters though (and sincerely i am not trying to comfort myself u cok). If I'm a guy i wouldn't like to shag super tall and thin gals (think flat chested supermodels)... Its like bones cracking everywhere. Hahahha...

Proportion is the key to a beautiful figure. As an *ahem* artist, I view anything out of proportion as totally unaesthetic. Very unfortunately, proportion cannot be altered no matter what. If u diet like crazy, you may achieve supermodel skinniness. But if u have very long arms, u will still look like a chimpanzee. If it makes things better, u can become a chimpanzee supermodel.

I saw this girl's pic in a body painting email and i saved it coz i think she looks really sexy.

Right. She is not tall but yet she simply looks damn fuckable (at least to me). This somewhat proves what society deems to be beautiful wrong (tall and thin). More about that later. Yes, she has big boobs and nicely shaped ones at that, but i think itz all about proportion and the way she seems to emit confidence about her nude (but not very nude lar) body.

She looks really cute too. Wahahha help me i am not too sure about the heterosexual claim i made about myself just now.

Okie about society's view that supermodels are good looking. The media is making us all warped. The trend is now turning towards curves again, but i'm sure its pretty (ironically i dun find it pretty) noticeable that 1 year back the models were all ramrod thin.

How do we actually determine what is real beauty?
It has to be w/o influence from the media and society.

Where can we find no media?
Stone age.

Lets all think in a caveman's point of view. What is in a beautiful cavewoman?

I think she must at least look healthy and clean.

-not too fat
-not too thin
-clear eyes
-no signs of diseases
-good hair and teeth

She should look fertile and able to give birth to healthy children.

-Big enough breasts to feed the babies (plus somehow it looks nice.)
-Not too thin to look like there aint any nutrients to give to baby.

Aesthetically built.

-Proportionally sculpted (body).
-Features on face dun look out of place, eg super big nose

Alright. Thats about all a caveman demands. Maybe some particular cavemen like small feet. These cavemen formed a club and moved to China together, and thats how we got our little bound feet there.

Some Cavemen likes tall coz this makes it easier for Cavewomen to go deeper into the river to catch fish.

They tried to make all future Cavewomen tall by only letting the Tallest Caveman fuck Tallest Cavewoman.

Tallest Caveman and Cavewoman took up too much space in the cave while shagging the whole day. Furthurmore, they kicked alot of ppl as their legs are everywhere.

Short Cavepeople decided that tall Cavewomen are not sexy coz it does not feel like Cavemen were the dominent ones anymore. Short Cavemen felt that they feel weak and like a wimp when shagging tall Cavewomen.

Out of irritation of Tallest Caveman and Tallest Cavewomen taking up too much space and kicking everyone, and also Short Cave people making a hell lot of noise, Average-Height Cavemen killed Tallest Caveman and Cavewoman while Cavewoman actually got her first orgasm. She died a happy gal. (note: she was 14 and 1.87m)

The cavepeople who wanted tall future cavewomen in the first place were angry with the murder.

They took some of the primitive heels they made for currently-still-short-cavewomen and migrated to Paris, still firmly believing that tall cavewomen were necessary.

Meanwhile the Short Cavemen thought they were guilty for the death of Tallest Caveman and Tallest Cavewoman and decided to leave too. Because of their guilt, they slowly evolved into short wimps not willing to voice out any opinions. They went to Singapore.

The barbaric, and, rather loud and kpo Average-Height Cavemen decided to stay put amongst their selfish little community since it has nice islands like Langkawi.