*cramps from smiling*

Guess who this is? No, no, not the tooth, the PERSON....

Yes baby, itz EDDY, holding his wisdom tooth up to show me. (it freaking scares me that the bloody thing is so big. Eddy says mine is prolly small though.)

Today i met up with Eddy. (yeah, ok, duh.) Well if u are an ardent fan of mine, u would have known that Eddy went to Malaysia. Look what he came back with...

-_-; LOLz

Gian Bng Gian Sai lar. Go Malaysia dye hair cheap cheap, in the end colour come out kannasai, den cannot go work. So... he asked me for help. OK to start with we bought a DIY hair dye from Watsons, Jurong east. The mission starts....

He looks plenty excited.

And the result....

LOLz. Successful... And what did we do at his place?

Sex and The City. We watched 2 episodes.

Blow, a movie by Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz. I am SO glad that Eddy agrees with me that Penelope looks like a maid. I would personally kill anyone who thinks that broomstick is hot.

Entangling in each other's arms was all that the octupuses on Discovery did while we watched the whole 1 hour feature. Now I have more knowledge about octupuses than i would ever need. I know how they have sex, how they court, how they camouflage, how they eat crabs. In my opinion, this is far too much useless info. =P

No, we didnt have sex. Doh! (No one can be aroused after watching Octupuses have sex. )

Eddy was rather preoccupied the whole day though, coz he was offered a scholarship to do his Masters in NUS but he doesnt know if he should accept it.

I'm preoccupied too coz i keep finding stuff his ex gives him in his room. See the 3rd pic with the pink circle? Yeah filling the shelf are stuff toys she gave. Other stuff like photoframes, hair pins, etc etc kept popping up as if taunting that she managed to get his heart but i can't, and i won't.

Well sidetracking a bit i would like to mention i noticed a lot of guys like to call their gfs the last syllabus of their names. Eddy calls his ex lili, another friend of my mine calls his gf lala (shirley and stella respectively.) I told Eddy that this system cant work for us coz we will both be called dydy. (ok 1,2,3, laugh.)

*haiz suddenly very sad again*

Yeah, i seriously think Eddy doesnt like me. It has been so long already, the novelty and chemistry are both running dry. Will he make a decision before it is too late?

Juz when i was going out of his house, carefully avoiding eye contact with "her" things to make sure i dun get traumatized again, i decided i need a pee. While i was blissfully on the toilet bowl, Holy SHIT!

There on one of the toothbrush handles was loud and clear: SHIRLEY'S.

Yeah yeah Eddy's all urs. *Pui*

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