Saturday, May 3, 2003

Sometime ago my RVHS senior told me some stupid jokes, and i asked her where she got them from. She told me, The Secular Web's forum, and thus i went there. Woah. Lotsa SUPER CHEAM stuff. I was intimidated and decided I dun feel like feeling dumb then, so i will come back another day.

Today is the day i have decided to brave the intelligence storms. (after feeling pretty dumb about not doing well for AM)

I have never believed in the existence of a superior being. I have the same religion as God (if he existed), and I'm an atheist, meaning I think that theres no superior being above me.

I think i shall ask my kids to believe in Wendism. Who knows, it might spread and I will become worshipped as a God in future. When my kids are like 5 or ard that age, i will tell them, (when it is dark and they are scared), "LET THERE BE LIGHT." (Thus i turn on the lightbulb and at the same time snap fingers)

And there was light.

"See, Mummy is God."

"Wow.... Mummy u so li hai..."

Ok enuff crap. Heres an interesting one:

By Jinto.
Q1: Can God create another God?

A: Yes. He may or may not choose to make this god omnipotent. If he does choose to do this however, it is important to note that this second God would have the ability to destroy the first God, being that he is also all powerful. I can imagine that they would set up some knd of mutually assured destruction process in order to ensure that they don't kill each other over the following:

God1: Ahh, cheese.
*cheese disappears*
God1: Hey, who moved my cheese?
God2: Hehehe.

Q2: Can God create a god more powerful than himself?

A: No. Since omnipotence means the power to do all that which is logically possible, it is not possible for a being to exist (created or not) that is more powerful than an omnipotent being, and it would be no more possible for Him to create this than it would be for Him to create a square circle.

Q3: Can God destroy himself?

A: Yes. In fact, if you listen to Scott Adams in his book God's Debris, it may be his only logical course of action. Little interruption here i would like to say that Scott Adams is my personal fav author, aka author for Dilbert. Pls read his books they are DAMN funny =)

Q4: If God destroyed himself, would we notice?

A: That depends on whether or not He took care of his own debris, wouldn't it?

Q5: Can God create a rock so heavy he cannot lift it?

A: The only way to do that would be to first limit His power to lift rocks to a finite value, in which case He would no longer be omnipotent.

Q6: What makes you think you're qualified to answer questions about God's omnipotence when you don't even believe in Him?

A: Arrogance.

Wahahahahhahhaha... I love it.. Although the rock question was not answered very well... Indeed, i would like to ask a priest some day. Another entry is v good too, and itz alot more chewable for the rest of us who dun real know terms such as Agnosticism, Abrahamic, denunciations etc etc (p.s. those are random cheam words i found)

Check Spenser out. His english is rather rambling so do make an effort to read it coz it does make sense in the end. And i like the way he says "silly"... it somehow sounds loving, LOLz..

So does Jesus fart? hmmm... Food for thought...

Theology @ 4am is another truly good one... perhaps if u can answer his questions, u can always drop me an email and i will publish ur answers, alternatively, u can answer to his thread...

Well enuff said about God, who is very far away anyway. Lets talk about something nearer, namely, City Harvest.

Who goes to that church? Well i'm gonna insult ur church and theres nothing u can do about it.

Anyone who takes bus 242 or 99 or drove pass jurong west st 91 would prolly notice this majestic building with a big fountain that looks like it could go with a country club anytime. Bustling crowds queue up to go in... They are dressed in formal shirts and pants, or for females, A-line skirts, and hey, all of them have big smiles on their faces... And itz no wonder they are so happy! The majestic building is going to build a GYM in it soon! The shiny metal letters read big and proud: CITY HARVEST CHURCH

Wow~~~ What a grand church!! So proud to be going to it man!! oh, but who pondered on where the money for these lavish luxuries come from, and is there any other better use for the money? Like, perhaps going into the courage fund? Instead of building a bloody big fountain?

Inside, the pastor is probably preaching about how we should all help the poor and not spend our money on luxuries.

My ass. Thats He Yao Sun's husband and needless to say, he is bloody rich. From both the records, and the money the dumb church ppl gives. Did they really think God will be happy with the donations used to build a grand church? A whooping US28 MILLION dollar project? Imagine how many African kids that would feed.

Did u hear about Sun sueing some fellow who said she used the church to generate sales for her records? Of coz, the rich and powerful will always succeed in their lawsuits as the onus of falsality lies on the defendant, plus, the defendant in this case did not have the excess cash to fight an expensive lawsuit with her.

So he had to publish a letter to say sorry to her. Ah well. itz ok we all know he is telling the truth anyway... Itz really irritating how the City Harvest kids keep pestering us to buy her albums. And no wonder they are selling so well, i heard some members bought like 20 copies each to distribute, free.

With that I conclude that God disapproves of Piracy as well. Why did he let us invent cdrw if he was omnipotent? LOLz this is irrelevant.

Anyway if this entry offended anyone, i didnt mean to aim it at Christians in general as i do, in the end, think it is a good religion. I juz dun like City Harvest Church. These are juz my views and if u had any feedback, do click on the email link above!! =) I do want to hear different views.

Have a nice day and i hope Sars hit City Harvest so it has to be closed. Irritatingly XF and PY stays there so i go there v often. =P