Sunday, May 4, 2003

Stayed at home the whole day AGAIN~! With this exams thing i'm becoming a loser.

Recently i have been revisiting websites that freaked me out and today, the honourable website is

I skipped the disgusting murder pictures (which still traumatizes me till this day when my classmate first introduced the website to me in a computer lab.) and went on to read some of itz articles instead.. Wahhaha some of them are like really funny. Theres one on SARS. While it might be a tad insensitive to joke about an epidemic (which i insist is not an epidemic since when u get SARS chances are 85% that u would survive.), i guess to lighten the mood we shld all learn to laugh in the face of death.

One elderly patient resting in a hospital bed asked the day nurse if his testicles were black. Exhausted and cranky, the nurse yanked forth his sheets and pointed with an outstretched finger, stating loudly that the man's testicles appeared just fine and that SARS was exclusively a respiratory disease. Embarrassed, the patient pulled the heavy cloth mask from his face and informed her that all he wanted to know was if his test results were back.

LOLz. I think made that up itself, but itz is funny enuff.

What are ur views on masturbation?

Quoted: " feel ashamed about an act so natural that pretty much all primates and perhaps even all mammals participate in it. Even porcupines masturbate!"

And very much later in the article: "Just for the record, porcupines masturbate by holding a stick between their legs and rubbing their genitals against it."

Wahahahhahaha... Thats like so cute. I wonder who bothered to go and notice that. Ah well i suppose if ur partner is very dangerously spiky u might as well masturbate too.

Well did u know that Kelloggs cornflakes was invented to curb masturbation????!! And Dr Kelloggs is rather sick in the mind. See this:

"Another deterrent recommended by Kellogg was to wire a boy�s foreskin together at the end such that mere erection would become very painful. The wire was of course to be attached by piercing the foreskin with a needle, with the wire following along in place of thread. For the multitude of American males who do not (thanks to Kellogg and his ilk) have a foreskin, it may be worth mentioning that the foreskin is considered to be much more sensitive to pain and pleasure than the bald penis you may currently own."

This is freaking funny.. But not to worry, the Kelloggs u might have in ur cupboard now is not of the horrible concoction it was a few decades ago.

" least people still like his cornflakes. But wait! The cornflakes we consume today are not John Kellogg�s corn flakes. They are actually an adulterated version of his original creation, spiked with sugar and who knows what else. In fact the Kelloggs� breakfast cereals were manufactured by his brother Will Kellogg, whom he sued for trotting out the Kellogg name on something much more palatable than the original crap served up at his Battle Creek Sanitarium. No doubt this insidious corruption of American breakfast cereal explains why Americans are the horny bastards they are today."

hahaha... Oh yeah i juz discovered that the Freudian Theory, which all business students learn about, comes from this sicko called Sigmund Freud. U dun wanna know more about him.

That bloody sicko