Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Suddenly, i miss jerk Adryan. This is saddening. Actually i dun wish to lose him totally as a fren. He was still a rather cheerful chap to be with, not to mention a useful chaffeuer (i can nv spell this word and Elf is gone from irc.). Haiz. Both Adryan and Eddy are gonna end up sad cases (Elf told me that Eddy does not have "closure" on his ex yet coz he didnt remove her toothbrush.)

While saving Eddy's pictures i found something i did for Adryan hidden in some forgotten folder.

Yeah that time i was trying hard to become a Shu-nu. i put on Ghimz the Giam's glasses but i still end up... eh, anything but Shu-nu-looking. I remember Adryan's comment when he got the pic.

"wahahhaha u look like a rabbit."

Was some bo liao thing i did for him when i was bored, didnt take more than 5 mins on photoshop. But haiz....I didnt know we dated back to way past February. Seems like a much shorter time we have known, but yet it shows i have liked him for more than 4 mths! Shld i give him a call or msg? He definitely wun dare contact me after i was so fierce.

But if i call him will he ask me for XF's number again? Den i will juz *peng!!*

I suck. Wan to scold ppl den now start to regret it.

Oh yeah. I'm recently in love with some LV stuff. i shall post the pictures here and if anyone find a real looking fake version do tell me! I want to buy!! But Sheesh about the fake part.

The sling version will do too. =)

The panda (or whateva it is) looks a bit evil but itz still v cute!!

Intro a sugar daddy, anyone?