Friday, May 2, 2003

*This is a boring blog entry*

Today i went out with my family to Changi. Its not what u are thinking, baby, my family is not into Drags. We went there to eat, and visit my dad's friend's place.

And speaking of drags, i cant believe Simon juz said that Trenyce looks like a drag queen!! (confused? time u start watching American Idol.) SO mean, haha, like me!! Cool...

Tml is my advertising exam, and guess what i came across in my lecture notes (which i didnt read until today) about Brand personality (A.k.a the kinda image the brand would give if it were human)?

Kellogg�s Corn Flakes
A woman who dedicates her life selflessly to the well-being of her family, but retains her sense of proportion. Your mother.


I know i have a weird sense of humour, but i think the Your mother part sounds really rude!!