Wednesday, May 14, 2003

This must be the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me. And I'm not even dying of cancer like the gals in the sappy love stories.

*sob sob*

Here it is.

Thanks James.

Anyway, everyone must be feeling stressed up coz either:

-U have no money coz itz the hols and u haven found a job,
-U are in primary school and tml is ur maths exam and u haven learnt ur long division yet. (that true for my brother.),
-U are thinking the economy is not going to get better since the new epidemic from Afghanistan is gonna hit Singapore v soon,
-U are still freaked out over that escalator freak accident and thinking when u are gonna die whilst on ur way happily up the said machanism, or;
-U have just discovered from reading my blog (if u are a guy) that penis size does matter to some females despite u comforting urself all ur life that it was the "endurance" that mattered. (so what if u are the size of a needle and sex lasted forever?)

I cant do anything to solve ur problems. Meanwhile i am pretty happy (or happily pretty, if u would) about my life coz there is proof (read da guestbook! And sign it if u haven) that my blog does bring certain entertainment values for some people. =) Besides that i got a good hair day today. But thats pretty useless since i didnt go out today. Oh dammit.

Anyway, I can give u the temporary antidote to ur stress though.

Happy Tree Friends!!! There nothing like a cute furry yellow bunny squashed to lighten up ur day. Be sure to watch the episodes! Sure beats watching Taiwanese love flashes!

Meanwhile, just some food for thought (its really about food). I was thinking the other day why i like strawberries so much. I startled myself with my superficiality! It was just coz it looked cute and the colour is nice. Would u still like strawberries if they were not a deep lush red anymore? Change it to, maybe, green? Yucks huh. And it wouldnt be labelled as a kinky fruit anymore. Oh, the wonders of being beautiful.

P/s: June said she wun like strawberries as well if they were green, or worse, BROWN... So i'm not the only one superficial =)