Friday, May 16, 2003

Today i am gonna write abt all the molest experiences i had that has caused me to be the pervertic person I am today.

Why are u revealing such private, and rather nauseating information, u ask.

To give a utopic answer, it is to remind myself that the world is full of perverts; thus vigilance should always be observed. Shld I ever forget such trauma and be less careful, i will make myself a victim again. Furthermore, this will remind, or let other females know abt such evil males so that they will learn to protect themselves.

To cut the above Bullshit up into little bits to examine the real reasons, I want to sensationalise my blog so that it attracts more ppl to read it and thus satisfying the exhibitionist in me.

Well be warned that this entry will be long.

At my current age, 19, i had actually seen 4 dicks of men i dun know. No, i was never a pros.

When i was in pri 5 (PRI 5 LEH!), i was at this playground with my fellow p5 classmates after school. We were singing Andy Lau songs on the swings and happily eating Calbee chips. Presently came this adult Chinese man who sat on the slide. We thought he was weird, but we cant be bothered about him. We continued to sing. He masturbated to our innocent little voices. We didnt notice as he wasnt near us, and we didnt know how an adult male anatomy looked like. I actually tot it remained 2 inches long, like my baby cousin's. Later we moved to the merry-go-round and he followed.

He sat down beside us, and he turned and smiled at us while masturbating.

We looked at each other for a moment. then we fled like nobody's business. We took the lift up the nearest block and randomly knocked on someone's door. An Indian auntie called our mums to pick us up.

The 2nd dick belonged to this Bangala who sat beside me (separated by the aisle) on a double-deck bus. I only saw him masturbating when i wanted to get down the bus. He smiled at me then. Nabeh.....

The 3rd i didnt get to see his face but i was with Potty PY and we were at jurong east after school (sec skool). He was masturbating in this carpark. This is difficult to describe. Somehow his hand and his thing were outside a door and we could only see those. His body and face were hidden inside. We first saw a hand swinging in and out of the door and we thought we saw a dead corpse. We took a closer look. Ewwwww... Immediate regret.

The 4th was a Thai worker. Venue: My house void deck. I was just getting into the lift and as the door closed (with me inside and him outside), he pulled down his shorts and flashed. He then stuck out his tongue at me as i gave him a disgusted look.

Why not kick him, u ask. Please lor. Easier said than done! I was so scared that he came into the lift with me! But he didnt lar. In the end now as I have got over the trauma already, objectively speaking his *ahem* is v long! No sexual connotations here. No, he didnt get me horny. Itz just, u know, like 18 cm? Gosh. Not that i scrutinised of course~

There was once i was out with this guy friend of mine. We were in the MRT (I like MRTs, haha...). I told him, "Wah lau fuck man that Bangala keep staring at me."

He said, "U know why?"

I thot he will say 'coz u are pretty'. I shook my head though.

"He is remembering ur face so that he can go home and masturbate."

Wah lau!!! Freaked me out totally....!

I dun understand why men like to masturbate in public. As for flashers, what pleasure do they derive? U dun see women going around crazily showing their breasts right? Everything goes wrong with too much testosterone. Wars, rapes, wrestling, child porn (ok to be fair just porn in general), more fights as egos inflate bigger, soccer blah blah.. Lets not get to this though. Hahaha i like testosterone actually....

OK to Real molest cases.

There was once i was on my way home from school. I was in my RV PE uniform and and i sat on the window seat of a very empty bus. This Bangala (not again!) came aboard and he decided, among the 30 other EMPTY seats, to sit beside me.

No, he didnt actually sit beside me. He sat ON my lap! He then pretended that the bus was shaking thus he "accidentally" sat on me, and slided down my lap so that he was actually sitting so close to me that my whole thigh were touching his whole thigh. Freaked out and shocked, i tried first to pull out my school skirt, which he sat on. When i was doing the pulling, HE GRABBED MY HAND!!!!

I "urgh!!" and moved seats to far far behind him. I WAS SUCH A WIMP!! I CANT FORGIVE MYSELF for letting him go scot free!! Later on he kept looking back at me. FUCKER.......

U see in serials that gals who are raped usually keep bathing themselves right? I thot they were silly coz one bath is enough to clean urself theoretically, maybe with help of dettol. I went home that day and kept washing and soaping and washing and soaping my hand. It still feels dirty till today, when i think of it. Fuck, cant imagine if i was raped.

Another time i was out with my mum at the 1.99 store at Orchard. The store was bustling with ppl. As u know the top shelf u have to tip toe abit to see the things there (unless u are 1.8 above). I was just looking at the shelf at my eye level, the second top shelf, and this Chinese 40 plus guy came along. He stood directly behind me and on the pretext of looking at the things on the top shelf, kept tip-toeing and untip-toeing. In that process, since he was directly behind me, his penis' tip kept rubbing against my butt.

I sensed something hard on my butt despite the thick jeans so i turned around and was startled to find him so close behind. He continued to look at the top shelf.

'Pervert?', i comtemplated. I walked a short distance away and looked at his groin area, curious what touched me.

Atrociously, he was wearing this Kappa pants (Kappa v hot den...) and below the slick material of the pants, u can see that he did not wear an underwear and his penis was sticking out at a right angle to his body! SO terribly disgusting! He den meandered into the crowd and i cant see him.

Later on when i went back to my mum's safe side, i saw him doing this to another Malay lady. From side view it was SO totally obvious. The lady, somehow, was totally oblivious to it and continued talking to her friend.

I told my mom very loudly, "MUMMY, SEE WHAT THAT GUY IS DOING!"

He heard and fled.

My mum v blur did not manage to see him in the crowds.

Sometime ago i was working for Ascend (for those who dun know it is a new shampoo by P&G, who almost monopolised the shampoo market by owning Pantene, Vidal, Head & shoulders, Rejoice, and now, Ascend as well) as a promoter in Bedok's watsons. I had with me this moisture tester thingy that we were supposed to clamp our customers' hair in, and it will tell the amount of moisture in ur hair.

It sort of looks like a hair straigtener. For guys who have like no idea how that looks like, eh, it looks like a pair of thick tongs.

I was resting in the staff room for a while sitting down with the moisture tester on my lap when suddenly the supervisor, a China guy, started to make small talk with me. I cant be bothered about such ppl; he was obviously trying to hit on me. I took out my phone to sms while i gave him patronising answers. I asked me how the moisture thing works and i said u must clip ur hair in it blah blah.

He told me to test on his hair.

I said his hair too short, cannot. (truth)

He walked over and hovered above me. Now, this is quite freaky by itself as the room was empty and the door was closed. He tried to coax me to test on him. When i said no, he took my hand to hold the moisture tester and at this point of time, i screamed.

He apologized profusely and scrammed outta the room quickly, stunned.

I went to the restroom to weep (coz i was truely freaked out) and called my then bf to come down to fetch me home as i was about to end work soon. He said no, his dad will be angry with him for going out late (although he stayed paya lebar and it was only 8 plus). I told him about the situation and told him I'm scared about the supervisor following me home and halfway through my talking, he told me he got to put down the phone coz his dad asked him to eat dinner.

I broke up with him the next day. What a jerk.

I called up my supervisor and she complained to some big person in Watson and comforted me and told me to call her again if anything happened. I dun know what happened to the China guy now but he disappeared for the rest of my working time.

Although he didnt really touch me, this situation was the freakiest as it could very well have developed into rape. Claustrophobia, combined with the feeling of being overpowered by a dominent being is lethal.

Ok thats all for the cases. I am not even going to mention trivial (comparatively, not as in really trivial) cases such as men brushing my breasts/butt as they walk pass. Arguably it might have been an accident. But sometimes brushing BOTH breasts? Highly unlikely to be unintentional.

Well some very cynical ppl may be thinking this in their heads now:

I dress up like a slut, so i deserved the molest?

To such ppl i say: If one day ur daugther/sister gets raped, will u say the same thing? Well, I would like to stress that everytime i get molest cases i was in school uniform. And besides this, even if women dress scantily, it is NO excuse to touch them. If this logic applies soon all women will be dressed like those in Pakistan. Not only it is unaesthetic, many will die of heatstroke in Singapore.

At a certain point in my life, after i got outta RV (meaning no more school uniform), i told myself that i WILL NEVER LET THESE SCUM GET AWAY AGAIN. I have been a wimp too long and i dun see why i should give these ppl a chance to ever harm any of my kind by giving them a second chance.

The reason why i have been a wimp when i was still in secondary skool? It is SO freaking dumb u wun believe it. I thought that i looked ugly (and short to add) and if i told ppl about the molest, i am scared they laugh at me and say, "Wah u so ugly u think ppl wanna molest u meh?"

Now things are different as with make-up and outside clothes I became a more confident person.

Once, after work at ard 12am, me and 2 of my colleagues were travelling home on bus 97. We were sitting in the front row, top deck, talking and suddenly this lady came to us and asked if she could sit with my colleague. We asked why and she pointed to this Bangala (yawn, whats new?) 2 seats behind us and said the Bangala kept talking to her and just now, even touched her shoulder.

The Bangala moved 1 seat forward to directly behind my colleague and the lady (who now sat beside my colleague) and he was so atrocious! He put his arm through the grip on top of my colleague's seat so that she cannot lean back or her back would touch his arm.

We asked him to fuck off and he claimed that he was the lady's friend.

I was damn stupid. I asked the lady, "Is he ur friend?"

My colleague smacked me on the head and said, "Obviously not right!"

The Bangala continued to mumble under his breath and my poor colleague could not lean back.

I went downstairs to tell the bus driver. I took my bag and pretended to alight.

The bus driver was SO heroic! All i did was to tell him,
"Uncle, upstairs got this guy keep disturbing us."

He stopped the engine, explained to the downstairs ppl abt the situation, stormed upstairs and pointed at the Bangala and told him in a thunderous voice,

Bangala replied the same sentence meekly, "She my friend."


Bangala mumbled and moved 1 seat.


He finally moved far away and the lady kept saying thanks to me and I could sense a this natural high from helping ppl who appreciated it. =)

When the Bangala finally decided to alight, he came over and stopped near the stairs and said to me,"Umbanona kanenolona!" [note: words invented by myself coz i forgot what he said.]

I shouted at him: "Umbanona kanenolona to u too!"

He alighted a very angry, mumbling Bangala.

And after this situation, i have no more molest cases anymore. Perhaps the molesters are all part of a giant syndicate and they warn one another who not to molest.

On the MRT this guy on my right sat far too close to me. His butt crossed that line that indicates ur space. He is actually very skinny, so there was no excuse for doing that... He then promptly fell asleep and i tolerated this as i didnt want to give up my seat. A few stops later the person to the guy's right got up and i went to sit down on his seat. When he woke up 2 minutes later, imagine his surprise when he saw me on the wrong side of him! Too late to shift to the right now, hahaha...

Alright, point now is that: Gals! Remember not to let these horrible men take advantage of ur physical vulnerability. Make use of other men's we-should-protect-demure-damsels-in-distress ego thingy and make sure the molester becomes pulp. In most cases, send him back to Bangladesh in a pulp form!

Alot of ppl, after reading my blog, said that I am a vicious woman.

If u ever wondered why I am the vindictive, dun-even-think-of-bullying-me-i-will-make-sure-u-regret-horribly person i am now, yes, itz all thanks to YOU MEN.

Tolerance came in a cute bottle together with other bottles like luck and happiness when the pelican dropped me into my parents' arms and mine is used up.