Sunday, May 18, 2003

Today i feel like yakking. And since everyone is asleep except Cloudy (my dog), who most possibly does not understand what i am talking about, what can i do?

I shall post it on the web.

Think about it. Whats the ratio of WRITERS:READERS? Now u see my point. If u write, there will certainly be people nearly bored to death willing to read it. Come to think of it, that means I saved some ppl's lives. I'm going straight to heaven then.

Today i was just thinking on the topic of platonic friendships...

Do you think that there is such a thing?, my fav site nowadays, says:

Platonic love, a pure, spiritual affection, subsisting between persons of opposite sex, unmixed with carnal desires, and regarding the mind only and its excellences; -- a species of love for which Plato was a warm advocate.

Cut the crap.

In Wendy's dictionary: Friendship between a guy and a gal which is just purely friendship like it was if it was between two persons of the same sex.

There is no point to talk about platonic friendship between 2 ppl if there is any chemistry or love around. Lets take it such that they are both in denial of any special feelings for each other. Since they do not have like, love or infatuation, then what can make it such that the friendship is not platonic?


How can absolutely no lust between a male and female occur?

1) They or one is absolutely hideous or unattractive.
2) They are in a special situation where they simply should not have lust for one another.
3) They managed to control the lust and developed a strong friendship.

Let me explain.

Gal and Guy first knew each other in irc. They yakked on the phone and realised that they can totally communicate and can click very well. Gal and Guy meet up. Gal discovers Guy very ugly/has bad breath/got no leg hair/farts in public/wears checkered pants etc etc. Gal totally loses physical attraction for the guy. She thus loses lust for him.

Guy is a pure platonic friend to Gal.

What about to Guy? If Gal is pretty and looks perfectly fine for a gf material, he will prolly have some lust towards her, deny it or not. Can Gal ever become a platonic friend to Guy? Answer is yes if lust is totally removed.

This could be done by:
1) Having sex with Gal and realising it sucked.
2) Nothing else.

If sex was good, Gal cannot remain a platonic friend in Guy's heart coz everytime he sees her his ultimate dream is to have sex with her again. In which in this point of time in reading my blog some of u are exclaiming: "U think everyone as horny as you meh? Love is not about sex! I just to be there for her/him and hold her/him to sleep every night!"

In which to this i reply:
Ah huh... No love allowed. That will be under "got chemistry" and itz definitely not platonic. And anyway, hold her/him to sleep only ah? sure or not?

The "sex was good" situation could also have several outcomes.

1) They become fuck buddies. When one becomes attached the second alternative might happen. (or they might continue *gasp*)
2) One or both decided that this is morally incorrect and stops. Eventually due to moral obligation* physical lust will be gone and they can become platonic friends again.

Usually the friendship wun last and both parties pray that the other does not tell that they had sex casually.

Special situations

*note: morally obligated is a special situation too.

Gal and Guy are newly formed classmates. After knowing each other for a while, Guy decided that Gal is very attractive. He however does not have the tingly feeling (aka chemistry) about her though, just attracted.

They are not platonic friends coz if they were both now trapped in a lost island together i am sure Guy will screw her.

Guy will not do this in the classroom coz he cares about what his classmates think of him.

At the beginning of the school year perhaps he still has thought of attractive Gal, but after a few years, it just becomes WRONG to think of ur classmate sexually. It feels somewhat incestrous. The result will be Guy forcing himself not to think sexually of Gal, like u dun fantasize bout ur sister. (or perhaps u do!)

Other special situations other than being classmates could be that:
-Other party is a donkey. U could be platonic friends with a Donkey of a different sex.
-Other party is Dead. (as in necrophilla is an acquired taste, not be friends halfway den die.)
-Other party is a young child.
-Other party is a hundred yrs old.

Strong Friendship
For goodness knows what reason, if a guy and a gal becomes good frens yet controlled did not touch each other at all despite both being attractive (this means they were once NON-platonic friends), it may develop into a very strong friendship.

When the friendship is strong, not only it is just WRONG to think of fucking each other, it is also too risky to even suggest sex coz it might ruin the beautiful friendship.

In conclusion, unless u are naturally cursed to be really disgusting, chances are that platonic friendships are pretty rare. In some sense or another someone must be at least a bit lusty inside.

These are just my thoughts. It might not be true for everyone.. =)