Friday, May 30, 2003

Today something really really rare happened.

It is commonly known as an Extreme-Good-Hair-Day.

U see, when u have permed hair, it is difficult to manage. When ur female (or male. *gasp*) friends first start perming their hair, it will all swell up into a big mess. So usually they will tie their hair into a half ponytail. (Please observe this. It is true.)

After a few days when they realised Pamela Anderson's curls does not appear by itself and they have blew like 100 bucks to spoil their hair, they will tear their spoilt hair out.

Like June.

Her current hair is a wig.

Nahz... Joking. What she did was that she immediately went to rebond it and cut it real short.

But you see, there's a secret to the Pamela Anderson curls. And I shall unselfishly share it to you. In future, when your friend has nice curls, ask her if she blew more than $300 on it and went for wave rebonding.

If she says yes, tell her she is damn stupid and ask her to read my blog. I did my curls for 50 bucks and it is equally nice.

If she says no, ask her whether she has read my blog and thus found out the secret to good permed hair thru here. Watch her face as it glows and she smiles at you as if u all have something in common. Which is the love for my blog.

Heres the secret. Every night after washing hair, wait for it to dry. It may look really horrible when it first dries up but presevere!

Tie it up like this:

Sleep with it despite you siblings taunting u about the Chun Li look. Wake up tml with sexy hair and let them think a sex goddess flew into the house exactly like in their prayers (only applicable for brothers, or butchy sisters). The next step is to freak them out by showing them the sex goddess has the face of their sister.

I remember I once mentioned that I had a good hair day. The difference between a good hair day and an extreme good hair day is the TOUCH. You see, there are many levels for judging hair.

Horribly Terrible Hair Day

Hair that look like Hagrid's. This is what I get when I sleep immediately after washing hair without tying Chun Li hair first.

Good Hair Day.

Nice right? But touch and it feels dry. And rather brittle. But it is deceivably nice so flip good-hair-day hair at strangers who will think "Wow, great hair! I want to run my fingers through it!"

But you know better.

U can make use of the hair to irritate the shit out of the person sitting beside you on the mrt by flipping it around. In my case it is mostly June who gets it. It is fun. When she stares at me agitated, I say "Can't help it lar, itz too long." She is reminded bitterly of how she cropped her long hair short.

Extreme Good Hair Day.

Ahhhh... Hair that looks and FEELS nice. Extremely rare. And it happened today.

Just when I was at Jurong East mrt twirling my hair around my fingers feeling mighty fine that my curls are so lovvvvvvvvvely today, I realised I was not the only one playing with long curls.

Please note that he is a malay guy who looks like he is forty plus.

I immediately stop touching my hair. It is not that unique afterall. But indeed, I should have called all the guys I want to attract and flip it around for them to see.

I tried to ask Bernard to meet me today coz I got a EGHD. He refused, coz the day before I met him to show him a GHD but he said there was no difference from the HTHD I claimed I had the previous day. He thinks that the EGDH is no big phenomenon.

Guys. Shag Hagrid or Pamela Anderson? NO DIFFERENCE?! Hmpf!

I didnt muster up the courage to ask Eddy out to flip it ard coz it think itz pretty awkward (or awkwardly pretty). Eddy says that he is a big fan of my blog. He was laughing very hard when he called me today.

He thinks the blog is very funny. But I think engineers (how many of u have jobs which alliterates with ur name? Like Eddy the engineer!)have a warped sense of humour. Remember the picture of me holding my new camera? He thinks the fact that I took it myself with a mirror is very funny.


I wonder how many engineers are laughing as they are reminded of it now. Wahhahaha....

He even msged me a few hours after reading the blog to say that to get free rides u dun need to be a bus driver. U just need the uniform. Big fan indeed. (more abt eddy later)

As I somehow got rather pissed with Bernard for refusing to meet me, I decided to call other guys to do what he refuses to. And the guy muz know June coz I was out with June shopping. Itz between Adryan and Eddy then. Eddy is out coz I feel awkward. I somehow forgot I asked Adryan to rot in hell (dunch understand? Time to click on Archives). So I called him up.

He was at Butter's place jamming. Please note that the puns in that previous sentence. Adryan's friend is really called Butter. And they really have a band and was really jamming.

Stop making "butter" jokes to urself. That fella had enough of ppl asking him where Bread is.

Turns out that Adryan needed a digicam to take pictures of the band coz they were in the grand finals of Xin Yao Jie 2003 (band called Amber) and I had my cam with me so he asked me to go over to Butter's place.

I asked Adryan whether he still thinks XF is his dream gf now that he knows she is a transversite.

He says "Eeeee!"

Wahhahaha. I love my camera!