Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Went out with June today to Taka to look for a part time job. In the end no one is hiring; and not a surprise, thanks to the bloody epidemic.

June and I took alot of neoprints though... As i said, we are vain. To see them, click on the picture!!!

Juz to tell u guys, the lame monster pose was thought of by June.

Anyway, today while we were out at Fast East we saw some of the Ah Bengs that we previously went out with (If u dun know what i'm talking about its time to click on Archives!). And this reminded me that i had one of them's neoprint. I took it from his wallet coz he looked SUPER SHUAI in the neoprint. I mean, in real life he is not half as cute. So i took a picture of it with June's digicam today (urgh i haven got mine till now. Nabeh) to share it with you lucky gals who can feast ur eyes on it!

To guys, go take a neoprint! You might turn out 50% more handsome in it than in real life and u can send it around irc to cheat young adolescent females (*like bAbYga|13f or some nick like that.). The problem is, of course, that u will nv know if bAbYga|13f is actually a normal estrogen filled gal or a donkey. In which case some ppl in my guestbook actually claimed they like.

And yeah please go bloody sign it or i will ban u from my blog-reading, which i heard has became ur fav hobby nowadays.

Ok his pic:

Cute huh? Sorry itz a tad blur though... And anyone in the right sense can see the bloody gal in the pic is v happy. I wonder if they had sex before, hmmm... Ok none of my biz... They seem to be glowing in endorphins though. But somehow i feel like slapping her. I dunno why. I got to get rid of this funny habit of wanting to slap ppl randomly nowadays.

I think itz coz i'm jealous that no "guys who turn out looking super cute in neoprints" got take neoprint with me lar. Or the teeny fact that i have been single for so long... Or the fact that they look so happy as a couple? Anyway BREAK liao now and the guy has got the gal's name tattooed on his hip bone. Yeah shit happens.

However if u give Edwin (yeah thats his name.) to me I also dun wan. He is so, erm, I would say, non-Mensa material that erm he possibly cannot tell the alphabet in the correct order. Yeah pardon me but i hate ah bengs. Gosh...

I want guys who are:
-Can make me laugh.
-Has chemistry with me.
-Has an ok penis size. (This importance of the standards of this criteria is inversely proportional to the standards of the other 4 criteria.)

=EDDY. Boohoohoo.. But he doesnt like me!!!!

OK OK maybe I can't really determine penis size from juz appearance. Maybe it doesnt matter as long as he is caring, loving, blah blah. Alright. (but i assume someone 1.8m wun be, erm, too, erm, short right.)

Haiz are those 5 criteria (among others like: "cannot have bad breath") very difficult to fulfil? Why isnt anyone who likes me like that? Maybe i am expecting too much lar. Ah well... Lets take things as they come..

Anyway i think i am blabbering. Enough already, Wendy!

And for anyone who is interested, Eddy rejected my invitation to have dinner together AGAIN. This is turning out really REALLY sad.