Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Here i am, just reached home after dinner with Peiying, XF and EK, and i clicked on my yahoo guestbook link, which i expected to find, with disappointment, the same "0 submissions awaiting for approval" as the last 2 days.

But wow! What a lot of entries. (Click on the link above, kiligulu, jsim, firecow and bethie are all ppl i dun know.)

I had no idea the blog is turning into a big thing. Ironically, my real life friends just think it is boring and they dun read it (besides June), despite entries having included them. This is weird.

I suppose some more ppl read the blog coz Bethie actually publicised it in his blog.

Wow, the powers of advertising.

Anyways, back to the point, he described Eddy as a "fucking Adonis".

I was like, "What, he looks like a slimming company?" OK OK yes pardon me for not knowing that word. But anyway a split second later i decided that it must be some Roman or Greek God. This is what said:
Greek Mythology. A strikingly beautiful youth loved by Aphrodite.
Adonis: A very handsome young man.

Then isnt Adonis (the slimming company lar!) only for guys???! More like gay anyway. I am sure Adonis (the god this time) looks like a gay. I'm sure his robes are pink, somewhat. Perhaps a more correct name for a slimming company would be Narcissus. At least it is sexless.

Seems like the Bethie's friend doesnt approve of me though. Read this!!! Remember to scroll down coz thats where all the comments come from. So i am an airhead! Hmmm.. Indeed, airheads get PSLEs of 269 i guess (ok for real-life friends reading this i know i hao lian a lot of times liao.).

(To be read in bimbo tone.) Well perhaps i shldnt be like, wow, so bimbotic huh? But i like, just cannnnnnn't help it!! *pouts* But I love pink!! I love furry!! I love Penises and the lovvvvvely curls in my hair!! I am like, soooo, in lust, OOOPS!!! i mean, love, with Eddy and my reflection!!! What do u mean by the world does not rotate around me?? IT DOES TOO!! One more word from u and u can be as sure as my 5 inch Gucci heel i will get my Daddy to beat u up!! Now excuse me while i paint my nails the exact shade of pink of my Pipi's diamond studded collar. (Pipi is my new poodle, btw, sweetie...)

Some ppl just cant get pass that stage huh? They naturally assume that being Vain=Stupid. Thats like a generalisation so totally baseless and wrong. I dun see the two being mutually exclusive. I had fucking enough of ppl assuming i am some dumbass silly blonde (highlights, ahhahaha). I AM NOT A BIMBO!!

Ek once said this when i was complaining to her about ppl calling me a bimbo.
"Well, to be a bimbo u muz fulfil 3 criteria.
1) Big breasts
2) Beautiful
3) Stupid.

And u only fulfil one. U are stupid."

Wahhahahahha.. See? I'm not a bimbo!!!

Anyway, i will go get my Mensa membership card soon and i can stuff it into the mouth of anyone who said anything condescending about my brains or my ability to use it.

There was this once when I was out with Eileen, her ex and her ex's friend (a super nerdy looking guy.) Nerd was talking to ex about how he plans to be a doctor in future. Meanwhile, Eileen and I were gossiping about something else coz he was juz so boring and we cant be bothered about him. I have always conversed mainly in Mandarin to Eileen.

Later on, when the food came and I concentrated on the food and kept quiet. The 3 of them were talking together. Someone started to ask me why i kept so quiet and before i had a chance to answer, Nerd said something like, "Must be her english very bad, is it?"

That was just FUCKING rude. I gasped, comtemplating whether i should slap him.

Eileen, being the good god sis she is, said to him, "What do u mean by that? Her English got A1 ok? So what did u get?"

Nerd looked stupified and replied meekly to me, "A2. Eh hahaha so ur Chinese must be not very good huh?"

"I got C5."

Nerd looked relieved. He smiled.

"Oh, what u talking about? I think Normal Chinese is it?

He nodded.

"I got A2 lar, not C5. I thought u took Higher Chinese as well, sorry..."

I left him an air of silent awkwardness as i bent my head down to eat my pasta, smiling smugly to myself as i ate, feeling v glad that he didnt ask about A maths, which i got D7 for.

To Kiligula: Who are u? Eileen Kan issit? I am Not a clown u cok.. Hahhahaha
To Jsim: Whose blog did u find my blog from? And thanks for the compliment. =)
To Bethie: Email me and we will talk about the 1% extra u have.. *winkz*

To all: to reply, my email add is