Monday, May 19, 2003

Yaaaaay!!! Ah dong finally uploaded all the pictures liao so here they are!! If u did not see the birthday entry (28/04/03) i wrote, u may be confused about the events. If you want to, go read it first lor. If not, just enjoy.. =) I'm lazy to explain everything again.

My second birthday celebration (this time on the correct date.)
Pictures were taken at the KTV we went to.

Wahhahahhahah! EK looks constipated!

Now is is XF's turn to sing....

Wahahahhaha!!! EK is a meanie!!!

Ek may not like XF's singing, but at the other corner of the KTV, somebody's view of XF is very different.....

Who is it?

Adryan lor who else. He thought we all cannot see it somemore.

Yeah okie itz no surprise we all know now.