Sunday, May 18, 2003

Yaaaay!! I did my web counter already!!! Now it may seem as if very few ppl clicked on it but I'm sure it will soon exceed the 2 digits meagre amount.

Alternatively if that doesnt happen i will click refresh a billion times so that it would seem as if alot of ppl visited. When this happens a lot of OTHER ppl will come to see what is worth so many ppl visiting. And so it goes on.

Tonight when i come back from work i will write about what i feel is the most sexy part of a man's body. It wil include a cute picture of Justin Timberlake!! *gasp! so excited!*

And do you know what time i come back from work? No right? I'm not telling... And all u can do now is to click refresh till a new entry comes in. Go on, try now. U may hit jackpot -soon-

Yeah lar itz unethical. Just bloody refresh and i would have removed this post by then.

Yeah right.