Sunday, June 1, 2003

19 years and 9 mths ago a very good looking couple had sex. Very fortunately, the egg was ready to be fertilised on that fruitful day unlike the other 29 or so days of the month where it causes discomfort for ard 5 days for menstruation and PMS for every other day.

Speaking of which PMS is a very good excuse indeed to be grouchy.

9 mths after that day, an orgasm resulted in a new life being born into very hot Singapore. The good looking couple were elated with their first baby. 'She will be good looking like us', they thought.

"And smart and sweet like u, hubby", the wife added lovingly. The man smiled. They looked at the fruit of their love. Isnt it amazing how a small baby can grow into a gal 1.68m?

Well it did.

"Hi, my name is June, and I'm called June coz I'm born in June." said the baby, now a startling resemblance to Cantopop singer Joey Yung, in an unforgettable self-introduction speech as she stepped into a new phase of her life, tertiary education...

Whispers broke out ask ppl ard started calling themselves Aprils and Septembers. She forgot to mention, that not all of us have the right to call ourselves the month we are born in, coz she was born in the 1st of June.

This gal has been a very good friend of mine throughout my poly years. No doubt, I may have very good frens outside skool, but somehow my poly mates cannot really click with me except the rare few I mentioned here.

Thank you, June, for being there to make poly life so much more tolerable.

Thanks for being the fun loving one to make men-oogling so fun (and everything else).
Thanks for being there as a fren, not just a classmate, when I needed someone for support (ie Adryan times and Jonathan times)
Thanks for being tolerant to my crude jokes which ppl in class seem to not be able to accept.
Thanks for being so pretty so that I can attack the guy's friends when the guy attacks you.
Thanks for being there when I needed notes.
Thanks for everything, including using ur hair curler (which is like MINE now), giving me clothes too small for you and the numerous nuggets I took a bite out of.

Stop the tears already. This is my bdae prezzie for u this year. U wanted to know how u look like with a nice nose right? I gave u XF's nose, now photoshopped properly.

Dah.. I even gave u my best fren for a day, heehee... It will be a good picture to send into the Clean and Clear competition, haha...

U look great with her nose. I suggest u cut it off XF the next time u see her and stick it onto urself. No worrys about XF, she will go to Thailand again soon. Nose jobs are relatively cheap.

Happy birthday, Junny junny baby!

Everyone reading this leave a comment to tell her happy bdae too! Basic courtesy!