The blog is lagging man, recently I'm too busy with stuff. Tml I will be going to Malaysia with XF, PY and EK!

The unfortunate thing is that I have to wake up at 8 am, else I would start to write some long crap again.

Well today was just another boring working day at Ritz.

But the Ritz Carlton Millenia gave me some rewards for being so diligent a worker these few days.

Ah... I'm very terrible indeed.

Today me and PY arrived at 4.15 pm, feeling very pleased with outselves indeed that we are so early. Work is supposed to start at 5pm, so we had plenty of time to eat our dinner and rot ard a bit before work.

We started to suspect something is wrong when there weren't anyone in the canteen at 5:45pm.

It seems that today we are supposed to start work at 6pm instead of 5pm, and we both came far too early. DAMMIT.

So we went to some staff lounge thingy to rot.

I found the book hidden in a cupboard (laden with numerous MINT CONDITIONED books which no doubt no Ritz Carlton staff will bother to read). I stole this one, seeing no security camera around.

Goodness knows who the hell bought the books man. Seriously I dun think anyone will sit down at the lounge for a long enough time to finish reading it. I might as well give the book the full attention it deserves at my home. =)

The gloves belonged to the Hong Kong bride. PY found it lying on a chair after the wedding and she shoved it to me. I have no idea why I kept it. But I tried it on at home, feeling very happily bride-ish when I suddenly realised that I do not have a husband who looks like Xie Xian to sing to me that he loves me.

Sad, isn't it? It seems like this Indian guy is interested in me from Banquet. He is quite cute actually but well... no chemistry. And not exactly dream guy material.

I stole a Ritz pen as well. I suppose besides well, a free pen, the pen could also serve to tell stupid ppl that I stay at the Ritz sometimes when I feel like relaxing and squandering all the extra cash I got. I'm sure they would believe me when I take out the pen as a SOLID PROOF. Or else how could I get the pen?

But if the stupid person whom I bluffed saw me at Ritz working as a banquet waitress, it would not be a good thing of coz. But I know how to escape outta the situation.

Someone (i forgot who) asked me once whether I was afraid to meet ppl I know when I work.

For that day, I spent the entire Cocktail session figuring out in my mind what I would do if I met a person I knew, instead of serving drinks to ppl.

This is what will happen.

Rich Bastard Ex Who Dumped Me: "OMG WENDY! What a coincidence!"

Me: "Oh hi!" *Puts away tray and pretend to take out a drink to drink instead.*

RBEWDM: "Oh man, how come ur dress is so much like the banquet waitresses? Oh, erm, you actually work here? Gosh. Look at the staff! I thot they only hire Filipino maids to do such lowly and mandane jobs!"

Me: *Pulls him closer to whisper* "You have no freaking idea what happened! Just now, I came here to attend Janet's weddin-"

RBEWDM: "Huh what Janet? Itz JEANETTE. She is my cousin! How come u dunno the bride's name?"

Me: "My mistake. Now listen to me. I came here in my Gucci dress and I was one of the first to enter Ritz. Suddenly, there was this female voice which asked me whether I wanted a Beer. I turned ard and it was this waitress. I told her I can't drink, and told her the story of me stealing Beer from Sentosa and getting drunk. Her face turned redder and redder as I related the story, and she mumbled something that sounded like, 'Oh, it was you bitch who got me fired from my job for losing the beer!'"

"The next time I knew, she took out a piece of Char siew from nowhere and whacked me with it. I fainted. I woke up and found myself in her uniform, my Gucci dress and bag nowhere to be found."

RBEWDM: "Oh man! How horrible!" *he takes a look at my name tag* "Oh my god, her name is the same as yours too!"

Me: "Yeah man Wendy's such a common name. I'm sure you have some distant auntie called Wendy as well."

RBEWDM: "Eh, no. My aunt's dog is called Wendy though."

Me: "Ah, okie."

RBEWDM: "I named it that after we broke up. Thought it had mangy hair was well."

Me: "..."

RBEWDM: "So how do u know the wedding couple?"

Me: "Eh, I was Janet's ex colleague." *nervous smile*

RBEWDM: "Since when did SIA hire such short ppl?"

Me: "Ok fine I am your waitress for the night. What do u want to drink?"

RBEWDM: "Fruit punch."

Me: "We dun have that."

RBEWDM: "Do too. I will purchase it."

Me: "Oh thats so mean! I would have to waste alot of time finding my manager and then doing the cashiering! Drink Orange Crush instead!"

RBEWDM: "Fruit punch with a little lemon at the side cut in the shape of a star."

Me: ".... Fine."

Ah, seems like it can't be helped that it would be found out. At least I will get to spit in his drink.

Anyway seems like i end up writing alot of crap although I didn't plan too. Better sleep soon man.

I will bring pictures of Malaysian waitresses to show to u guys, and tell me if I look like them. Yaaaay! So excited.

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