Sunday, June 15, 2003

The bridal table today is fucked up. The relatives are ok enough, but wow, I sincerely dislike the bride.

Either she is semi deaf, or she plain refuses to answer me. I hate ppl who do this. Heard, but pretend not to hear. Bloody hell.

"Mam do you wan a refill of the red wine?" *smiles politely*

*obstinate silence, dun bother to even look at me.*


*Same reaction*

Bridegroom: "Eh, u can clear it."

Bloody hell she got mouth herself cannot answer izzit?

Strangely enough, this sort of thing seems to always happen when a couple are sitted together. This kinda situation irks me so much! As I mentioned before, I have this strange habit of feeling like slapping ppl randomly.

The slap is not the kind where u just slap on one side of the face. It is those slaps where u slap the fella on BOTH the cheeks very hard. The end result is the person who irritates u have big puffed up lips. It looks very funny. Thats precisely why I believe after the slap I would be a happier person.

To illustrate (literally) to you how the situation I hate looks like, I shall give u a picture.


Its like I'm just beside the girl, why cant she answer me HERSELF! Why must go through the GUY!! Spineless leech!!

Oh no help me!! Pull me by both my arms!! I am slapping the monitor as I see the image! Can't stand it!!! I'm having convulsions!

Speaking of females who go through men to speak whatever they are thinking.

Fann Wong Fang. (I hope u guys noe that Wong is not her surname, Fann is.)

Few years ago I was being an extra for one of her shows. It was a gu zhuang show so the extras had to cross this particular fake bridge to make it look as if it was a very busy and happy village day.

Fann was supposed to ran across excitedly as she saw a friend of hers on the other side of the bridge.

During the 1st take, the director shouted "cut!" when Fann was halfway across the bridge. He stopped to talk to the camera man a little while Fann wong stood there, arms folded.

The director told Fann in Cantonese: "Ah fann, you walked too slow already. Come, again again."

Fann Wong, indignantly, in Cantonese as well: "It is him!!" She actually pointed to an old man who was just standing beside her. She proceeded to let her lower lip tremble a little and pouted: "Its him who blocked my path!"

She acted as if the old man was in a 4th dimension and she just cannot tell him herself. A 30 year old women trying to act demure damsel in distress sia.

The director sighed at her disgusting childish-ness.

He said to the old man, who looked extremely traumatized and lost: "Haiz. You give in to her okie? Later walk a little to your left."

Fann wong stormed away, arms still folded.

Yikes. I think she is extremely rude. She could have apologized for being blocked and thus had to walk slowly, and then tell the old man that he shld stand a little to the left during the next take so that he wun block her again. But no. She must embarrass him this way in front of everyone. Disgusting bitch! I never liked her since.

For Fann wong I somehow dun feel like slapping her. Maybe the imagery can't work coz she is too tall. I feel like strangling her on the white slender neck. Shake her as if you are shaking a turkey silly. Complete the routine with a flick on her button nose. Tell her that she is a freaking ugly kleptomaniac and then click ur heels and leave. Of course, Fann is most possibly not a kleptomaniac. But apparently she is too dumb to even understand what the word means. I will get a cheap thrill when I see she can't answer me. Ain't that great?

Back to today's work.

After I got so irritated by the bride's leechy-ness, I got pissed off again. The slapping fetish came back in a rush.

There was this new gal working today. She is my colleague's cousin. She is young, only 16. The typical shu nu kind. Very quiet. Doesn't laugh, only smiles. Big innocent looking eyes which look innocently at everything and thats dumb coz almost nothing is innocent.

I dun really like her. She strikes me as rather boring. And serious. I hate serious ppl coz they dun laugh at my jokes. They dun usually even understand them, dammit.

Anyway, it was her first day at work, and she didn't know how to get to the bus stop after work coz her cousin has OT. The latter told me to take care of her, and let her follow me to the bus stop.

I asked her where she wanted to go.

She said Orchard.

I said, Oh, okie. Hows work today?

She said, Very tiring indeed.

I asked her how come she still got the energy to go to orchard to meet her friends.

She said she is meeting her bf there.

I said, Oh okie. He waiting there for u already? Watch midnight show izzit?

She said, No, he ends work at 3 am. She is going to orchard to wait for him to end work.

I said, Huh u outta ur mind ah. Meet him do what, so late liao.

She said, take cab home together.

*slapping fetish came again*

I know it is none of my business that she meets her bf. I know it is none of my business even if she is streaking mad to wait 3.5 hours doing nothing when she is so tired, to just wait for her bf to end work, and take a freaking stupid cab ride together, thus also making the bf pay extra money to send her home.

i'm just so slappish! I can't stand this kinda gals. Siao one. 3 whole freaking hours in orchard alone! SLAVE TO MEN!!! She shld go to Pakistan! They would love her!

-Slaps self-

Okie it is none of my business. But I just hate women like that! Someone give them some braces for their backbones please. Gosh.

If u are the guy would u like it if ur gf waits for u for 3 hours alone in the wee hours of the night while u worked? He dun feel sorry for her one meh? Wun he feel very stressed when he is working, like someone is waiting for him to finish sort of thing? I bet he doesn't love her, then will allow her to do such a fucking silly thing. Either that or he is bloody self centred.

Dicky Chua and Scandalous Shuyin are like that as well. Extremely leechy. EVERY SINGLE DAY they meet up. During weekdays they meet in school. After school they always go out together as well. If we asked Shuyin to go out with us gals, she would turn it down coz she is going out with Idris (Dicky chua's real name). Everyday oso meet Idris, buay sian one.

In fact, this recent June's birthday Shuyin didn't come coz she wanted to go out with Idris. So teerible right.

I asked Shuyin whether she still meets up with her friends. She said yes, but not often. (please note that she was an extremely friends-are-the-most-important kinda person before Idris era). I asked her how to meet her friends when she everyday meet dicky chua.

She said that when she meets her friends, Idris will send her there. He will zuo bo around the vicinity to wait for her to finish, then send her home. -_- Lidat oso can. Its like so restrained like that, and stressful.

Anyway, congrats to that My-darling-bf-I-am-willing-to-do-anything-for-you gal. Right now as I have just finished writing this blog, her bf has possibly just got off work (need time to change and get money etc). I am gonna happily sleep now. She possibly just rotted from the wait. I hope he appreciates her rotting for him.