Friday, June 27, 2003

Dammit, this is actually part of the previous blog but blogger claims it is too long to publish. I guess I am THAT longwinded. So this part is about Harry Potter anyway.

For the ignorant/I dunch-read-what-everyone-else-is-reading people who dun know, The Order of The Phoenix comes in 2 different versions, the adults and kids version.

The picture is what u get when u remove the paper cover from the adults version. Someone actually asked why I carry a bible around. I told her that J K Rowlings might write pretty well, but she is no god. That girl apparently had no idea who J K Rowlings was so she switched the topic, still convinced in her head that I am a loyal christian.

Someone asked me why I bought the adults version instead of the kids one, coz the kid's cover looks far more vibrant. In fact, if u looked carefully, the silly yellow phoenix is actually smiling. How ridiculous! A smiling phoenix!

When ppl ask me why I choose the adult's version I always say this:

"Huh u dunno meh!!! Harry Potter is now officially 15 years of age in this book! The Adults version contains sex scenes which are deleted in the kid's version! In fact, the first sentence of the book starts with: Harry wanked again yesterday thinking of Hermione."

I think people actually believed me till I said the last sentence.

I was just thinking about sex in the magical world. (please do not read the following if u dun read Harry Potter, coz u wun understand.)

Gal: Darling, lets have sex!

Guy: But I'm watching Quidditch and nothing can make me erected right now! Nor distracted for that matter!

Gal: Eh! I want sex!

Guy: No!

Gal: Indeed. Imperio!

Guy: Oh honey, lets have sex now!

Gal: Hmmm... Good boy. U shall do as I say now. Quietus TV!

-Rooms lacks of the ambience-

Gal: Accio (summon) candles! Incendio (light up) candles! Your dick is too small!

Guy: I can't help that.

Gal: Engorgio penis! Ahh.. Itz much bigger now! I would like to feel some pain to complete the pleasure. Curse me!

Guy: Crucio!

Gal: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......!

LOL.. I think I am mad. Anyway itz getting late and I got work at Ritz again tml night... More blogging tml!