Thursday, June 12, 2003

For everyone who is complaining that my tagboard's word limit is too little, I have changed it to become 350! yaayyy!

Anyway I just wanna complain hor! It seems like after I got my tagboard and comments thingy on, no one seems to sign my guestbook anymore!!

It is rude to come in here secretly, read your fill and just click me away! You shld sign my guestbook to let me know who reads my blog!

So pretty please, sign da guestbook to let me noe if u read my blog regularly?

Yes, that includes you, Eddy. Stop acting all mysterious.

Heck, just sign it even if you are not a regular reader. Sign it even if today is the first day u chanced upon my blog. Sign it if u are a donkey lover and u come here to hear donkey news. Sign it if u are a pervert and u scan blogs everyday for naughty words and discovered my blog has the most. Sign it if ur name happens to be Eddy and u are convincing urself at this moment that I am in love with you. Sign it if u actually dun like my blog but u are reading it coz it is the hip thing to do as everyone else is reading it.

Of course, if u are an avid reader, it is time u reward me for entertaining you. Although the previous sentence is flawed coz its more like I'm entertaining myself most of the time, and it is great fun to see someone entertaining herself.

Llamas! *Whoops* So funny looking, hahha... Ok I'm entertaining myself again.

Back to the reward part, the avid readers can now choose to sign the guestbook in various different identities. This will serve some purposes.

1) Make it seem as if alot of ppl read my blog. This way, I will become a happy blogger, which looks like this btw:

When I am a happy blogger, I will write more. Ain't that great?

Oh, what izzit you were saying about bluffing myself I oso happy? Of course I would be. I love ppl compliementing me, even if i know it is artificial. This sounds slightly warped, but well, I AM warped.

2) You can now fulfil the thirst u had for becoming whatever u want online. You know u want to do that. U can sign my guestbook as Pamela Anderson. U can sign it as George Bush.

On the telephone line I am anyone
I am anything I want to be
I could be a supermodel or norman mailer
And you wouldn't know the difference
On the telephone line, I am any height
I am any age I want to be
I could be a caped crusader, or
Space invader
And you would know the difference
Or would you?

Amazing. Now not only in Santa monica can u do that. In fact, u can even ask me if I am willing to sell my used undies to you. I'm sorry I would have to sell it more expensively than she does.

Actually that G-string is quite nice isn't it? I wonder what her mum thinks when her daughter's underwear keeps missing. Anyway I really do not understand how men can derive any pleasure from that piece of cloth.

I guess I would sell my undies too if i can remain anonymous. But guess what? I wun even wear it first. To let it at least SMELL worn, I will make him wear it.

My doggie cloudy is a little shy when he is taking photos.

Wahahhaha~!! That will teach the horny perverts a lesson when they bury their faces into the undies! Wait a minute! They might even lick it! Oh gosh!! Wahahahhaha!!

Oh man I am digressing again.

3) It will make alot of other ppl sign the guestbook too when they see so many ppl signing it. I have no idea how that will make you happier, avid readers, but nvm lar. You can take the chance to be a cape crusader anyway, why not?

I'm going to bath to meet Eddy liao. Today got quite good hair day. Yippee! Love ya all! Now go sign it. tata!