Sunday, June 22, 2003

For the next few days till the 27th, I will be working at Ritz. Thats right, every single day starting from today. Xf predicts we will all die. She is a pessimistic girl. I look on the brighter side. I predict we will get ard $250 bucks after working there. No we wun die. We just wun have a life.

For 3 days of the 6 days we are working, we have to wake up at 6 am coz some rich company is hosting a 3 day conference at Ritz for itz employees. Breakfast everyday.

$250 is a relatively big amount of money, ain't it? If u are one of those extremely rich ppl who says no, please do marry me. A measly $250 a day for pocket money and I will be very happy.

Is money all you care about?!! No. What about sex? And food. And clothes. Wow. I sound totally materialistic. Erm, I do care about the beautiful things in life too! Like the ocean and rainbows and LV bags.

Anyway, yesterday was EK's bdae! PY, XF, Ghimz, Ek, Bixian and I went to Fort Canning to watch Fellowship of the rings, and the Two Towers. (Bixian is a secondary school friend as well.)

For those who have no idea why Fort Canning is having movies screened, well it is part of a movie fest. Watch movies under the stars on a vast field with ur picnic basket. You look excited to go. Sorry. Yesterday last day liao.

It is not as good as we thought. Sure enough, it was under the stars. But then again thousands of ppl are sharing the measly stars with you. And it is hot. Vast the field is. But then again thousands of ppl are sharing the field with you. And it is hot.

And the people in the front and the back were irritating.

It was like this. We came in rather late, so we had to find a place to squeeze in. EK found this spot big enough to put our mats. So there we stayed.

I took a picture of the ppl in front. I am not that bo liao to take their photo lar. It just happened that I was trying to show u guys how the screen looked like.

I think the guy seems to look quite shuai leh. It would seem as if the two ppl are a couple but no! They came in a double date. The gal in black, her bf is lying down and he is wearing yellow.

The guy is hugging his gf.

I personally think the four have orgies. Sometimes the white tee guy would (when they are lying side by side) turn and talk to the black blouse girl. It looks very wrong.

Both the gfs are bitches.

Actually, erm, we are the bitches lar. Coz we kept talking throughout the show. Can't help it. XF, in the middle of Two Towers, still did not know who Aragorn (which human guy? The Liv Tyler boyfriend ah?) is. EK doesn't know Mordor is home to Sauron (who sauron?).

So the enlightened bookworms (PY and Bixian) had to keep explaining the plots to the confused. But the enlightened bookworms were more caught in discussions of their own. Discussions that go beyond LOTR. I think they discussed History of Middle earth or some other book that Tolkien wrote. How revolting!

So Xf and Ek and Ghimz turned to me for explanations. I am quite okie. I read from The Hobbit till 3/4 of Two Towers. But basically during half of the explanations I would get lost.

XF: Whats those things that Saruman made? The disgusting army.

Me: Oh, its a new breed between Orcs and Humans.

XF: Then how are they born? No females one meh.

Me: Uh.. I dunno... Asll Bixian.

Ghim: Did Arwen and Aragorn get together in the end?

Me: Yeah. They became the third couple in the whole history of Middle earth to have an inter-racial marriage.

Ghim: Then their baby is what race? Immortal or not?

Me: I dunno. Ask Bixian.

Hahaha... The double dating couple in front kept saying sascastic things to themselves, eg: "DO WE NEED A NARRATOR?"

We still didn't shut up. In fact, there was no leg room and we hoped that by talking more we can make them go away.

The gal in black keep complaining about us to her bf. The usual fucked-up kinda girl. If she wants to complain about us, say it in our faces lor. Only know how to hide behind the bf. The bf was enjoying the movie fine, possibly understanding it clearer than ever with Bixian's detailed research done on the topic, but according to Bixian who was directly behind the yellow guy, "He was okie until that girl started to scream like a Banshee."

So the guy turned about and asked us to shut up.

We ended up giggling.

Okie about the ppl behind.

Once again, I was trying to capture the crowd instead of the fellow's knee. But apparently it did not occur to my small brain that a small Cybershot U20's flash is not strong enough to light up that field.

So I captured his knee big and clear.

We hate the people at the back even more. They insisted on lying down, so apparently they cannot see the screen since we are sitting up.

We would have preferred to lie down, except for two reasons.

1) The people in front are sitting up coz the people in front of them are sitting up. The people in front of the people in front were sitting up coz their mat is very small and they have no place to lie down.

2) We do not have space to lie down as well.

They basically kept grumbling and grumbling. 3 adult men, insisting on lying down like wet socks instead of sitting up. And they blame us.

Amidst their complains, those that we heard are: "We didn't pay $14 to just come here to look at heads."

"6 heads of Mordor." *snicker snicker* wow what a funny joke.

"Wah lau, see fuck ah."

The fellow looking like an ape asked us to lie down. I told him that the people in front are sitting up, we must sit up as well, if not we will be blocked.

PY said that even if we lie down they will still be blocked by the ppl in front.

The fellow is freaking irrelevant. He replied that he and his friends came so early at 6 pm (we came at 745) to book this very good spot, and suddenly our gang came in and squeezed in front of them.

Too bad it is free seating. It is nobody's but his own fault for being so stupid to leave a big gap in the middle for us to be able to squeeze in.

I told him that if he doesn't want anyone to block his way he should have chosen a seat all the way in front. That way no one can block him.

Bixian said that if they sat up they would have been able to see the screen. Instead, they had to choose to lie there like indolent courtesans. (I dun think I spelt it correct, but it sounded like this one. Bixian said it is spanish.)

The guy paused. He didn't know wtf an indolent courtesan meant of course.

It means lying down in a very luxurious and flamboyant kinda way, the way old empresses used to lie smoking their opium.

The picture is the closest I could get.

The guy, after turning to his buddies for help hoping someone can help counter Bixian (which no one could), mumbled to himself: "What nonsense."

He proceeded to lie down again like an indolent courtesan.

After this we whispered to Bixian to ask her to tell us what she meant. We all burst out laughing.

They insisted on lying down for the rest of the movie. I suppose something must be really wrong with their brains and spines. They have enough of looking at our backs, so they ended up leaving in the middle of Two Towers.

We moved our mat into the empty space now behind us. We have space to stretch our legs to lie down comfortably, and also we are further from the ppl in front so we can talk as much as we want.

See? Everyone is happy. They shld have left long ago. 6pm till 1am is a long enough time to stay.

What do u mean the world doesn't revolve around me? It does too.


Bdae girl!

In case u are wondering, yes, we did buy the Pucca hairband and make EK wear it.