Saturday, June 7, 2003

For those of u who dunch know, Milieu is a club which has taken over the old Papa Joe's next to centrepoint.

There was this SP bash thingy coz the graduation night was cancelled due to SARS. Thats (the cancellation) was totally irritating coz I signed up to be the organising committee for the Grad ball. This means that I get to go to the ball at conrad for FREE while other ppl pay $65!

Itz a totally nice place. There are plushy comfy cushioned couches for simply rotting away while listening to the crowd go wild with Bon Jovi's "ITZ MY LIFFFFFFFFFFE!"

Yup itz all yours. No one wants it anyway. Ok maybe someone called Death wud be interested some day but meanwhile it is really all yours.

Anyway since it was an SP thingy why did XF and PY go? Coz they love me, and they want to spend all the time they can with me. And I am not even gonna die anytime soon.

Nah... Itz coz itz free entry (invites thanks to June), and they were bored, and there were free drinks. It is sad to mention that the free drinks tasted like Pomelo, with Jif dishwashing liquid added. Hey wait, now itz called Cif, ain't it? Not that I tasted Cif, if thats what u are thinking now.

We took this in a toilet with a mirror (OK Eddy you may laugh now) coz XF and PY are totally sick of my camera and refused to take a proper photo.

They kept saying my dress looks like an Ah mah's dress.

They obviously didnt realise that Ah mahs look totally weird with a halterneck dress.

We walked pass Centrepoint's macdonalds and was pleasantly surprised to find that everything was decorated "Finding Nemo" style. So cute! See this!

Ahahha... Cute pufferfish!

Anyway my friends have all gone mad already. I somehow have this very bad feeling it was me who started it, but all the gals started to grope each others' breasts for fun!

I'm a victim okie!

Ahhh... Dun act shy lar June.. U like right...

LOL... No, I was not drunk. In fact, I'm a such a total loser in handling alcohol. I dun drink much not only coz I would embarrass myself, but oso coz I dun like the taste, and I would get rashes. Aiyoh so loser.

There was this incident when I was with my classmates in Sentosa. It was 9 plus and while we were walking, we saw this little stall selling drinks and ice cream, which is closed for the day. The stall is one of those which is just a booth, and there is no door or lock to it, thus when the vendor leaves, he just has to lock up the drinks fridge and the ice cream bar.

I saw that the drinks fridge didnt seem to be locked in any way. Plus it was still on, and we were thirsty. Ice cold drinks.... Hmmm...

I told them I wanted to steal the drinks but they pulled me away.

Later on we walked back the same path and saw the stall again. I told him this time I am really gonna steal it. They taunted that I was gonna look damn silly coz the bloody thing HAS to be locked.

Hoola! It wasn't! I took out a drink for myself. My classmates got excited and each wanted a drink (6 of us altogether), no doubt scaring the tourists around with the total non-regard of the law Singaporean teens have.

I looked at the variety of drinks. Wasn't a lot to choose from. Brain had to process fast to steal something. I decided to take Tiger Beer coz it was the most expensive there, alot I dun really like it alot.

My classmates drank their soft drinks in a jiffy and I gulped down 3 big gulps of the beer. I gave the rest to Scandalous Shuyin after that coz I felt weird.

Subsequently while they were discussing our project I puked all over. Bleah. I didn't even get a chance to get to the "high" part or the drunk part. I just puked everything out in fifteen minutes.

My classmates kept scolding me for being Gian bng gian sai, of so many drinks I muz choose the most expensive one.


I have decided to turn Bisexual. But then again I can't bring myself to go down on gals. IT IS WEIRD (and rather gross)! I shall remain heterosexual then. Female admiration is just purely about aesthetics. Thats sad coz guys all around are totally disappointing.

Speaking of aesthetics. I want to admit that almost all my pictures are edited. Thats coz I am pretty good with photoshop. I can't help meddling with the pictures! I usually try to maintain itz natural form as much as possible though *ahem*.

Anyway in real life I am fatter. Okie eyes smaller. Nose bigger. Hair not as shiny. etc etc.

The worst thing about photo editing is that if itz done well, it really can't be found out, unlike plastic surgery where u can see small scars everywhere.

Okie here, show u something.

I found Jamie's picture on Google search.

Ah... Jamie here looks upset about something. Maybe itz coz she looks rather unpleasant in this photo. Itz okie, Jamie! Dr Cheng will help you with some digital surgery and you will be a happy gal again!

Jamie loves me!