Sunday, June 15, 2003

I am so excited! I feel so happy!! I feel justly rewarded for my loyal support!

See what came along in the mail this morning!

My own Pasta mania VIP membership card!! Actually its not VIP, as in not Very Important Person. It is Very Indulgent Person.

To get the card I must eat a grand total of 36 pastas from Pasta mania since like 4 months ago when they started this thing. Yaaay! I am now a certified Pasta Maniac! I hope that helps me attract more Italian men. Italian are sexy!!!

Speaking of nationalities and men, that day I was telling Eileen when I was with her at Zouk (remember that Zao geng picture?) that she had this friend's friend who looked very cute.

Me: "Hey Eileen, that Nabil guy very cute leh. Weird name though."

She: shouting through the loud music, "Yeah man cute. He is Arab."

Me: "Oh no wonder dun look local. Arab then?"

She: "Arabs got huge dicks."

Me: "WHAT?!"

She: "Arabs got very big dicks!" She proceeded to give me a wink in Nabil's direction. "but he is attached."

I think we both looked at his groin for a second. It looked disappointingly normal.

Me: "Oh fuck. Lucky girlfriend. Can share or not."


Anyway, I'm going out in a while to watch movie with James. My monitor is behaving very horribly. It took a total of around 25 whacks before it regained its colour again. More blogging when I come home.

Tata everyone!