Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I have decided to spoof myself. I guess that would be fun. For everyone who likes to read my words but think I am hideous, think the page load too long etc etc, can visit the spoof page from now one. I will be working on it after I finish this blog entry, and this blog entry would be short. I think. I can never be sure.

As mentioned, today I was supposed to meet Eddy the Engineer. Eddy is pretty efficient as well. That makes him effectively Eddy the Efficient Engineer. However, Eddy's boss is not as efficient. He made Eddy stay back till 1030pm when Eddy was supposed to end work at 6 plus.

How wonderful. Who knows, maybe Eddy has decided on today, the 17th of June, to ask me to be his gf coz 17th of June only happens once in a year. It is a special day. However, coz of the bloody guy who asked Eddy to stay back, I have decided it is too late to meet and I didn't meet Eddy, thus also losing the chance of Eddy asking me to be his gf. Heck, maybe even wife!

It is all the guy's fault. I hate him. Anyway, at around 10 plus, my mum called to ask us if we wanted to go to JB with her friend and her friend's family.

We were supposed to go there to eat. My dad said it would be seafood. I decided seafood was worth sacrificing meeting Eddy, who is gay anyway. Actually he is not but he did not do anything so far to prove he isn't. I have never even caught him oogling at females before. This could prove 4 things.

1) He is gay.
2) His eyes are all over me.
3) He is far sighted.
4) He is in love with llamas/objects/dead people/flower pots etc instead of humans.

1 cannot be true coz I didn't catch him looking at men either. I dun think he is far sighted. So theres our conclusion. Either he is in love with me, or llamas. I put my bet on the llama. Gosh I feel like a flop.

Anyway, my mum's friend has a 4 yr old daugther called Samantha. She is ABSOLUTELY CUTE! And she keeps laughing and laughing. Me and my bro had a great time making her laugh.

Heres her pic.

Thats my mum at the background.

Anyway, Sam is really damn adorable. We were on the car (her daddy drives a BMW) and everyone was shag so she just kept talking to herself and smiling at everyone. She moved to show her mummy something, and when she moved, she knocked her knee on the thing in between the front seats.

She said, "Its okie, its okie!" chirpily to everyone.

Everyone looked at her. No one actually saw her knock her knee. Her mum started to laugh and said no one asked her if she is okie in the first place. Everyone laughed and suddenly Samantha gave her mummy a big kiss on her face! So absolutely sweet!

Alright. I will try to get Eddy to go out with me tml coz 18th of June only happens once a year too, perhaps tml will be the big day. But then again I asked June out for shopping. Alright, time to spoof!