Monday, June 30, 2003

I think I wrote too much in the past few entries. Can't imagine that one stupid story about Jonathon becomes 3 entries! Gosh. So I shall fill this entry with pictures. U groan and say that it will take a billions years for the page to load!

AHA! But good things got to wait one mah. Just go play minesweeper a bit and when u come back, the page is magically filled with my words.

Alternatively if u are one of those ppl who STILL dunno how the hell minesweeper works, u can go to Kazaa and download porn lor.

Anyway, today's theme will be kinky. It is UNIFORMS.


I look hideous in that pic and I am afraid no amount of photoshop can save me. And I suspect XF and PY wun like me to publish their pics too. Thus that jap girl's head.

Who is that jap gal, so pretty.....? Why, its me and my two twin sisters of course. And oh yeah dammit. I think I am really too much into banqueting. Notice I stood with that polite banquet pose!

New Park hotel

I tried to photoshop XF's pic... Looks a little weird to me... Nvm lar... Anyway the colour looks wrong. It shld be a hideous purple. Strangely, after I photoshopped XF's pic I felt like I am one of those designers hugging their models. Typically the designer is short, ugly and very proud of his work. I think I look like that in the pic.

Many of u asked me how the Tiger Beer uniform looks like. So I took a picture.

Not very sleazy right? Itz to knee length somemore. It may be interesting to note that Angmohs seem to love that uniform alot. Someone (a lady) once requested to buy it from me.

Okie I'm sorry the pictures are not kinky at all. LOL... I just dun feel like blogging.

Oh yeah I managed to kop bernard's extra hp for temporary usage.

I feel very pleased with myself. In fact, I dun feel like returning the hp to him at all. Perhaps I will pretend to quarrel with him and refuse to answer his calls. AND THEN THE HP WILL BE MINE, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

OK I am going mad already.

Lets end this on a light and fluffy note.

Cloudy is absolutely cute, ain't he?

Yes, thats my foot alright.