Saturday, June 14, 2003

It will be another boring day at work at New park hotel. Luckily enough for me, I managed to get Xiao feng to come work as well, so today I wun have to eat dinner with Magdaline and Cassandra.

They both are big time Ah lians. They both have names which are 3 syllabus. They both are very tall. Very loud. Very crude. LOLz...

This is what happened at a previous dinner conversation with them. It was very terrible.

(translated directly to english.)
Magdaline: Kan ni na that bishanboy very cheebye one lar. Everytime late late late. CheeeeeeeeeBye. That time like that, this time also like that. Cheebye he needs someone to beat him up then he know.

Cassandra: Ni kan ta lar! (you scold (with vulgarities it seems) him lar!)

Magdaline: Kan ta mei you yong! He still will late! Nabeh next time I see him, he die.

Cassandra: Yeah lor he very cheebye one lar this kinda ppl.

*They decided to change the topic a little as I was chewing on some uneatable cabbage, on the verge of puking it all out. I think they tried to include me in the conversation.*

Magdaline: "Wow nabeh today work miss a very nice mtv awards programme at Channel U. Sian."

Me: "Yeah lor channel 5 got The Mask as well."

Magdaline: "Oh yeah! Wah lau sian."

Me: "Eh yeah lor nowadays the shows are getting better and better on TV."

Magdaline: "You all know why or not?"

Me and Cassandra: "Why leh?"

Magdaline: "Coz got a lot of ppl quarantined. Must show good shows to entertain them."


Apparently the shows are better coz with Mediaworks now in the picture there is competition, which urges both Mediacorp and Mediaworks to strive harder to fight for viewers. They are not screening The Mask for the Sars patients only. Thats plain silly.

I didn't know what to answer except give a small laugh. Cassandra wasn't laughing. She sincerely agreed that thats the reason why TV shows are improving. OMG.

They changed the topic again.

Now there are aunties who work at banquet too. Not unexpectedly, these aunties cannot get along well with the ah lians. Magdaline is pissed that the aunties, whom she sometimes have to share the side stations with, messes up the side stations (the place where the waitresses put the jugs of drinks on.). One of the aunties were eating on another table.

Magdaline nods her head towards the auntie.

Magdaline: That one another cheebye one.

Me: Why leh?

Cassandra: You dunno meh. Those stupid aunties keep using our jugs (no pun intended here) and use finish liao dun refill. Kan ni na always we refill, they use.

I told her I didn't know that coz I always serve VIP table and I have my own side station.

Magdaline continued cursing at the auntie. She looked very viciously at the auntie. Suddenly, the vindictive look turned into a sweet smile.

Not unexpectedly again, the auntie was walking towards our table and she said: "You all slowly eat hor, I go up first."

There was this awkward silence as everyone just continued eating.

Cassandra: Cheebye lar Mag ni hai zai na bian man man chi!

Magdaline: Zhuo mo leh?

Cassandra: You dunno that auntie's meaning meh?

hmmmm... I really didn't think of it that way. Ah lians!

I think Magdaline must look like that when she is in outside clothes.

Look at the cheesy smile! Look at the electric blue eyeshadow and Sonia Rykiel belt (cannot really see in photo)! Look at the black trenchcoat! Look at the act lian hair!

Oh wait. Thats me, ain't it? Great. Complete the image now with a bright yellow furry piyo piyo bag. Ahhhh... I sorta miss those days.