Sunday, June 29, 2003

Lets start the blog entry with today's events first. Oh no this entry is gonna be super duper long again.

Eddy the efficient engineer is no longer an engineer. He is an army boy all over again... Yup, reservist. I met up with him today for dinner with some of his army pals. Typically, I asked him whether his army friends are cute.

Typically he said yes, very cute.

U just can't expect a decent answer when u ask guys if their buddies are cute. They would surely say yes, and in the end turns out kannasai. U men shld stop deceiving us gals like that. It is very rude when we make a screwed up disgusted face when the said friend arrives. At least say "ok lar...", which is universal language for hideous, to let us have some preparations mah...

I saw Eddy first, and I was like "Hmmmm... first time seeing him in non-office clothes... That thin white tee looks totally gorgeous with the muscles underneath it shouting out that they are well-trained for the precise purpose of wearing thin white tees... Yum..."

And then this other guy in front caught my attention. Ah, buying a cake, quite cute.

Eddy shouted out, "Hey Edmund!"

Cute Edmund turned around and shook my hand. What, all cute guys have their names starting with E nowdays?

Anyway heres a group photo I took. I'm sorry Eddy, for betraying u and posting the picture. Anyway since u love me u will forgive me, right? LOL

Ah, I dun think I need to say who is Edmund. Eddy said he is practising using that forced smile on photos nowdays. The pursed lips look quite bad. I think he just had enough of people calling him a pretty boy, and is trying to make himself look ugly. Or perhaps he doesn't wanna look so gay. When u are fit and cute u tend to look gay. Since he can't minus the fit, minus the cute then.

I would like to say that I had a very bad hair day today. This further proves the theory right that whenever I would have a bad hair day whenever I meet up with people I would want to attract.

Oh wait, since I had a bad hair day BEFORE meeting the people I would like to impress, it could mean that it works the other way. Whenever I have a bad hair day, people I would like to impress would ask me out. That sounds slightly better.

Shld I purposely make myself have bad hair days then? Hmmm...

No wonder Eddy looks so unhappy.

I know no one is looking at the humans in the picture. Everyone is looking at the golden beer. LOL... Oh yeah speaking of Eddy. He said that he had a friend of his who actually called him to tell him that his pic is on the world wide web.

Recently I keep getting startled with the readership of the blog. It is seriously scaring me. Random ppl on irc come to talk to me and say that they have read my blog.

Inspired by the popularity, I did a very narcissic thing. I did a search on the words 'Xiaxue blog'. AHA! Guess what I found!

I am utterly disgusted by her.
She wrote: wah lao..haha.. oh i read the xiaxue blog liao.. she so xian herself to ayumi..pls lorx.. wah remind me of sum1 say sum1 in my class look like ayumi..oh my...pls lorx.. ayumi so so to compare..


2) Since when did I compare myself with Ayumi? Gosh, I merely tried to imitate her. (digital camera pic remember? The one in the background.)

3) Shut up with all ur "lorx, sia, knnccb, cum" etc etc ah lian language, it is irritating the lungs outta me! I have like NO idea why people like to use the word "cum" to replace come. Its just an alphabet extra to write, cmon! Got lazy until lidat meh?? And it immediately changes the meaning to a word so crude. Bleah.

4) I feel like slapping you with Eddy's used facial blotter, which looks like that:

If u thought that ah lians dun blog u are terribly wrong! Please do click on the link to freak urself out. I had no idea my blog's address has got into the realm of Lians and Bengs. Certain types of people just can't appreciate my kinda humour I guess. Post a picture of urself imitating a star, and they say you bu yao lian already lor. I mean, lorx!

-_- how are u supposed to pronouncex everythingx withx anx x behindx itx?

This one is better:
(to havenized I hope u dun mind me copying this out...)

highly recommended blog of the day! --

ha if u wanna read some haha-blog go to this! This girl is really damn funny.. she manages to make me laugh like mad in every entry.. ok frankly speaking i dunno her.. she's my fren's fren's fren's fren... hmmm... haha.. man i think she's talented! haha if she ever sees this think her ego will burst! haha..

*smilez* Help me my ego is bursting! =)

And then a comment her friend left:

[chong] hahaha. i think she can start collecting money from pple reading her blog oredi... wah she's gonna be famous. soon everyone will be talking abt her in town den the media will crowd her house to interview her n hahaha gawd noes wt'll happen... the guy she likes will come back n beg her to accept him! yah meanwhile let's just continue to let her entertain us.

Thank you, although the compliments are not meant to be heard by me.

I guess some ppl think that compliments will make me pompous and conceited, but I would like to disagree. Generally people are much more stingy with compliments than criticism, so for every encouragement u give me, possibly someone has told me to give up blogging. It strikes a balance, somehow.

Haha once again heres a big *HUG* to all those who gave my encouragements!