Saturday, June 21, 2003

Lets start with the usual crap, which nobody is interested in.

I got good hair day today!

You tear ur hair and and scream: WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOUR GOOD HAIR DAY! TELL ME ABOUT SEX! (or weather in the case of Eccentric Eddy.)

Please understand to me the good hair day records are very important. In future, I intend do a research on the percentage of good hair day in my permed hair life. I have also found a trend. Good hair days always come when u dun need them. Eg today, the good hair day was not fully appreciated at all by any males I intend to attract.

Not that males can tell the difference between a good and bad hair day anyway.

But thats not the point. The point is, PY and Xf have all seen me thru my RV years when I looked hideous. They dun give a hoot about how I look like. I still look like shit to them anyway. Ek says the initial image cannot be washed away.

Now I met up with James yesterday and I had a bad hair day. Whats worse is, I met one of his friends too, Darren. He reads my blog (I think.) So he saw me with Filipino quality hair. Wonderful. Now he possibly thinks I photoshop my hair to be curly in my pics.

Okie I shut up. About today:
I met up with PY and XF and Yvonne and Geok Ling to shop. (Yvonne and GL are both our primary school friends.)

We planned to go to Orchard at first. But we got excited at the absolutely new North East line! So we alighted and went to Habourfront.

It is nothing interesting.

Me and PY wore furry hairbands! XF refuses to wear one.

Anyway, Enormous EK the Expensive lawyer wanted to meet us to go as well. But we refused to let her come. The reason? We were shopping for her bdae prezzie.

Thats right, today is her bdae!

(to the rest of the blog readers: you all will not be able to understand the following chunk.)
I can't bring myself to say mushy things to u, EK! But I guess throughout these 6 yrs, you have been a really wonderful friend.

No, I'm not patronising you.

I think I totally disliked u the first time I noticed you. Ahem, standing beside me during assembly in the next class with the crew cut. Always talking so loud, hahaha. Trying to attract attention of course.

I think you totally disliked me the first time u noticed me too. Short girl trying to act ah lian with the furry scrunchie on the wrist, and talking loudly as well. Trying to attract attention too, just using a different method.

It didn't occur to us then that we shld talk loudly to EACH OTHER, to irritate everyone else huh? Wahahha.. Alright, so we landed up in the same class two years later.

Remember when Liye was still around? As in around in S'pore, not that she is dead or something. There was this time when I made XF and Liye angry, and they kicked me outta the gang? Ahhh... I remember Liye was terribly cruel. There was this project grouping list on the noticeboard, and she took a red pen to cancel my name out.

No group to join.

The Ah Lian group in class expelled me. Suddenly I am a class outcast. XF refuses to speak to me.

Thank you, to u and SR and the rest, for allowing me into your clique when I most needed friends for support. I totally enjoyed the very different kinda company. You guys made me laugh at the absurdity of the situation, even joked about Liye and her childish vindictive behaviour then.

I can totally picture the last table in the canteen with the malay store and us sitting there!

When XF and Liye decided they shld forgive me, a clique dilemma happened. Although it is my fault in making XF and Liye angry, shld I lower myself after the hurt and insults Liye did to me and go back to her gang? Isn't it very hypocritical of me to just make use of u, sr and the rest to be there for me when they abandon me, and leave you guys when they want me back?

The solution is to merge the two cliques of course. Secondary schools days never got better, agreed? =)

It takes alot to bring 2 very different ppl like us together. I dunno what it is too. I shall take it that our common intelligence, ahem.

Although you have never been a friend whom I would call to cry to unlike XF, I think it is good enough that u have always been there during the good times to make it so much more enjoyable with all your corniness.

We have never thanked you for the good tempers you constantly had these 6 years. (Unlike Giordano gal, last time a bit only angry. LOL. Now she is better, thanks to Leonard training.) We have never thanked you for the constant smiles. You have never taken us for granted, while we abused your friendship; being late, being grouchy and all.

Thank you for being there all this while. I know you will be there loyally if I need you. Although that might be because you got nowhere to go anyway. But still thank you for having nowhere to go then.

Thank you for happening to dislike everyone I dislike. Like Rongshan, Hui fen, Qingyue, Shi hua etc etc, except Evelyn Tan.

Thank you for all the macdonald coupons.

Whatever it is, it is all stable. I do believe that the friendship will be here to stay, for life. It better stay, for me to make full use of a lawyer friend! I like the idea that ur mum cannot do anything about it that I have became ur lifelong friend, heehee.

I have watched you grow from a RV student playing the Bassoon with a uniform too long for you, to an RJ student getting 4 As, to now, a future lawyer. Judging from the pattern, you will totally succeed in life! Just intro the successful cute guys to me!

Alright enough mush already. Happy birthday! WE LOVE YOU, EE KEAN, despite us being so jealous of ur big assets!

I shall publish ur act cool pic again to make u happy.

Happy happy birthday celebration with us today! We will rot under the stars watching LOTRs.