Malaysia was great fun. The bus ride there only costs S$0.58!!!

Itz nothing much there that everyone else has not seen already. Nothing interesting to talk about. I shall show you guys some photos though, if u are interested to see.

I took pictures of everyone's passport photo.

PLEASE LOOK AT THAT TAIL! XF was an AH LIAN!!!! Ghimz looks damn cute with the elf ears, no? Enormous Ek.. Er.. Lets just say we are all very glad that she took off the horrendous braces by now.

I bought this bag at $37 sing. Itz an A grade fake Gucci bag!! Very nice!!

Abercrombie and Fitch skirt at $19!

We had a sumptous dinner consisting of Stingray, la la, kang kong, and Begger chicken, which no one has tried before. It consists of using some clay like thingy to cook the chicken. Very yummy indeed. But I had diarrhoea after I reached home, dammit.

Anyway I bought this packet of bubble gum which colours the tongue and made everyone eat it and take a photo!

Check out Ghimz's nice army hair!! In case you guys are wondering what colour my tongue is supposed to be, it is BLACK. When u ask your friends to do this kinda thing some self sacrifice must be made. Thus the horrible colour I had to take.


Yeah okie this blog entry is utimately boring.

Double bleah.

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