Monday, June 16, 2003

Muahahahahahha!! Guess what my mum brought back today!! A new MONITOR!! Actually its my uncle's one so it is not new. But heck, I'm really glad.

When I opened the blog's site, I felt exactly like a baby cockroach being hatched out of the egg and realising that I am a hideous cockroach. Not like I was ever a baby cockroach, but all I'm saying is that I got a big shock.

All this while my monitor has been a shade of light blue, and I edited my photos and backgrounds etc making it all a little too red coz on my com it looks just fine. I just realised my lips look too orangy red in the background pic. Yikes.

And all my pictures look a tad too red coz I adjusted its hue in photoshop to what my dumb brain thought was the correct colour. Dammit.

Anyway some ppl asked me why I have only one eye in the background.


Thats coz your screen resolution is 800 X 600, silly. I think everyone should change the resolution to 1024 X 768. Thats the standard size ain't it? Isn't it troublesome to have to scroll sidewards???

Speaking of com stuff, I think I am a web guru. Thats coz I just added a marquee thing to my site, all by MYSELF!! Ain't I smart? Aha! I betcha can't do it.

Even if u can, I'm equal with u coz I can do it as well. That makes u a web guru too. Ok I praised u already, so dun say anything now, hahhaha.

Wendy the Web Wizard! Hey, it allierates! Wait, it sounds like a very powerful spider.

Anyway, this will be a short blog coz I'm not in the blogging mood. My interest suddenly turned toward HTML tags. How fascinating that all those messy words can just transform into a nice website like mine!!

I watched Ju-on today and IT SUCKED BIG TIME. Typically, the female ghost had a white face, long black hair and crawled around like zhen zi did. Yawnz, how freaking scary! I'm trembling all over in the memory of that horrifying scene!

The plot had not much meaning. The ghosts seem to be going around to just delibrately scare ppl. The highlights of the show was that there were cute Japanese school gals hoping around in their uniforms with those knee high shoes. Exactly the kinda girls u would want in ur porn. Thats for u. I like the Vivian Hsu kind.

I just decided, can everyone write in the comments box which kinda porn is the best? Including the girls. Haha... I have this feeling no one will admit they watch porn though.

I'm gonna sleep now! I will write more tml!

I can see the smile on ur face for the refreshing short blog entry this once, which happens once in a rainbow-coloured moon. (Thats 28 times rarer than a blue moon, btw.)