Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Oh yeah yeah yeah I suddenly remembered a joke that I heard some time ago. I shall write it out!

A man was wanted to fly to country X. He wanted to bring his pet squirrel with him. However, pets are not allowed on airplanes, and he had no idea what to do with his squirrel. But he really really cannot sleep without his pet squirrel by his side. He can't put it in his suitcase coz they will scan it. So he decided on putting the squirrel in his pants.

He managed to get through to the plane, and felt very happy indeed and his evil plot did not get found out. He happily whistled as the plane flew.

Suddenly, a loud "OOOOOWWW!" filled the aircraft. An air stewardess quickly rushed the man's side and asked if anything was the matter.

The man replied weakly that he was fine and asked the air stewardess to go away.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" screamed the man again. This time, he asked the air stewardess to leave him alone again.

The third time the man screamed, this time much louder. But the time the air stewardess rushed to his side, he was holding the squirrel by itz tail and slamming it repeatedly against the seat in front. He proceeded to dip the squirrel into boiling hot coffee. He took the squirrel and flushed it into the toilet bowl.

Every passenger was appalled by the man's cruelty. No one stopped him though, coz they were afraid of his fury. The air stewardess whimpered meekly to the man, "Sir, why were u so cruel to that squirrel?"

The man said, "The first time I screamed, Hazel (the squirrel) thought my balls were nuts."

"The second time I screamed, she thought my asshole was a treehole"

"The third time I screamed, she tried to bring the nuts into the treehole."

the end!~ Laugh!