Thursday, June 12, 2003

OMG Finding Nemo is like the best cartoon ever. My second favourite is The Emperor's New Groove coz it contains a llama in the cartoon. I find llamas very funny.

Doesn't it look very funny? Its name is very funny as well. llama. Say it 10 times fast. Funny right?

Anyway I shld not like llamas at all. There was this particular incident which happened when I was out on an excursion to the Zoo when I was in pri 3 or something.

I was standing in front of a llama, wondering how come it has the same name as a tibet monk. I thought its neck was too long. In fact, it is ridiculously long. Why would a llama need to have such a long neck? Anyway, I dropped the thoughts and took out some grass for the llama to eat.

It chewed happily (ok actually llamas dun really look happy) for a short while and it suddenly stopped. I thought it choked.

It sneezed. A big sneeze. And it wasn't a dainty excuse-moi kinda sneeze. It was an I-wanna-get-everything-that-is-in-my-mouth-out kinda sneeze.

Among the things that were finally on my face and white uniform were grass, spit, chewed spitty grass, and grassy spit. It stinked.

While watching me fumble in embarrassment and wiping away all the little pieces of whatever the llama has ate, the llama just give me a non-chalant look.

A classmate I didn't like came along to feed the llama too but it didn't sneeze again. God dammit.

I hate llamas. But I still find them funny.

Anyway, Eddy asked me out tml! In fact, recently Eddy is contacting me very often. I think he is secretly in love with me. But then again maybe he is comtemplating the fuck buddy idea. Maybe he wants to steal my digicam. Maybe he has AIDS and want to spread it to everyone he knows but he just didn't get the chance to bite me yet. Speaking of terminal diseases, maybe he got Herpes and he is dying soon, thus wants to see all his friends more often.

Nah, I will just stick with the assumption that he is in love with me.

In fact, to convince everyone that he is in love with me, I shall write some comment in his name about this blog entry. The lots of comments will serve to convince some stupid ppl that Eddy finally loves me back. I have no idea why that will make the stupid ppl happier but u will nv know I guess. The comments will also make it seem as if this blog entry is very interesting.

He was sms-ing me.
He asked me to attend this seminar with him, organised by

Me: It sounds like a multi level marketing company. Yikes!

Ed: If it is MLM, I would have to fug something while you watch. (meaning it will be that boring.) But no photos please.

Me: I promised all my blog readers with lotsa your photos. Ok I will bring a donkey along with me tml.

Ed: Cheh, I've always expected more from you, always the donkey.

Me: I will bring a llama then. You like llamas more?

Ed: Anything but dun let me catch u hide a man under a llama skin, I will have to face the dilemma of castration.

Me: No man under the llama, but the llama being male is fine?

Ed: Cannot also, I'm saving my 1st for a true love.

Me: Gosh did you just say you are a virgin?

Ed: I've never done asses, so am i of certain virginal qualities? Ay, all these mobile sex talk is making me drowsy, talk tml.

Me: Okie! fuck, i mean, see ya tml! Did I say fuck? Sorry I'm getting drowsy as well.

Ed: There we go. I think I better search for my chasity belt for tml's meeting. Where is it, that decade old bugger, got to be somewhere...

Me: I'm gonna post ur smses to my blog.

Ed: Nooooo... Nemo....

-_-; And i tot I was lame. Lolz

In the middle of the smses, I was at Jurong East's interchange waiting for my bus to come. I was smiling to myself silently, no doubt looking like a lunatic.

And then there was this cute guy. He was talking to his friend while waiting for the bus. Apparently he must have seen the cheesy smile on my face since he was just in front of me.

Suddenly he walked over. Every part of me thumped. Must be hallucinating.

He smiled and said, "Excuse me."

"I would like to make friends," I continued his sentence for him in my heart.

"Do you have change for a dollar coin?" He flipped his coin ard in his hands while smiling. He has a toothy sort of grin, with teeth like Daniel chan's.

God dammit.

Okie this sounds very ridiculous. I actually drew a sketch of him, coz I got nothing better to do while cooking my noodles. I'm recently in love with First Choice Green Curry flavour cup noodles from 7 11. Itz only 80 cents! And yummy too. Sure beats eating a 5 dollar meal outside. Just boil the noodles at the 7 11 store and they will provide you with chopsticks and spoons as well! Yippee!

Here is a picture of the fabulous noodles.

Heres a sketch of the guy.

Aha! I know what u are thinking. That I am mad to waste so much time actually drawing a picture. Ahh... read da above. It says I drew it while the cup noodles cooked. Meaning, 3 minutes only!

Disclaimer here. In case anyone wants to comment on the art saying it is not proportional and all, shut up, coz I am not some professional artist. Its just a silly sketch. I know the shading is wrong but forgive me; I couldn't find the eraser.

Come to think of it, all my sketches of humans look almost the same. Dammit.

Anyway the guy really looked like that! He had a lopsided grin! And stand up hair! And dimple!

If you look like that and you were at Jurong east interchange at 1130pm, do email me!

If you look like that and you were not at Jurong east, email me too! heehee

Ok itz sleeping time now. Must look good tml, its a battle between the llama and me for Eddy's attention.