Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Sorry everyone, about not writing yesterday's entry, which was supposed to be about June's bdae celebration.

It was pretty fun until June got pretty upset. Well June, great news for u babe, I'm like TOTALLY single again. Lets go to Zouk one of these days and choose a cute guy to ask for his number! Yaaay!! Single rules!

And i tan dio $50 plus (movie, camera and everything) from Bernard da Jerk!!! Since nothing good came out from him finally, it is good that I at least earned something. Yaaaay!!!

And u tan dio a birthday cake from Ronald!!! Yaaaay!!!

June's birthday

We went to orchard.

We took bo liao photos. Okie I asked everyone to take bo liao photos.

U look damn cute here, June.

Who thought of that silly pose? *ahem* Itz not a silly pose okie! June was being a great sport by agreeing although she knew for sure I would put it into the blog!

Very bo liao.

Have you ever thought of how it would be like to do a blow for God?
A bit crude yeah. LOLz

Haiz, the extent I would go to entertain you guys. Anyway since I have no sense of shame it is okie. Itz all in the name of fun. I seriously think this picture is a masterpiece. Wahahha...

Whats with guys and their fetish about dresses anyway?

I wore what u see I wore that day in the first pic. I mean, I wore what u can see I wore in the first pic that day. Okie u get the draft.

Throughout the day (before I met June, otherwise attention were being spread out among the girls, including Aaron) there were like numerous stares from guys. Good or bad stares, I have no idea.

Later on, I had to walk this long stretch of road to get home coz I keep forgetting that 143 has changed its route to not stop outside my house anymore.

I was happily humming to the tune in my discman feeling very cheerful indeed coz it is a wonder that my discman's batteries lasted that long!

Suddenly this Honda civic, pure white, stopped beside me.

The driver wound down the window.

Please take note that he did not see my face at all before he stopped coz he came from the back. I dun walk backwards.

He is like late 20s and slightly plump. Pervert looking.

"Would u like a lift?", the owner of the Civic said.

"No..." *continue walking*

To my horror instead of driving away he started to drive very slowly beside me. And whats worse is he is not even driving and trying to talk to me. He just kept quiet and awkwardly kept to my walking pace.

He gave up a short while later.

So scary sia.

After he disappeared for a while, he suddenly appeared beside me on the road again. I broke into a small jog. He finally got the hint that he scared me and drove off.


I'm not gonna wear dresses when I go home late alone again!!