(story continued. Blogger sucks.)
Jonathon took over the phone and told me that he is actually with Gillian. I was crying like mad already at this point of time, so he volunteered to come to find me. He asked me to give him 2.5 hours.

I told him from Orchard to CCK dun need two hours lor, he still wanna go watch movie with her izzit!

He said he is sending her home. WTF! Still wanna send the slut home! Actually she is not a slut lar, but heck, I feel pissed with her stupidity.

When Jonathon came finally, he came with gifts for me so I was relatively pacified. And then he had to spoil the moment by saying that the gifts are chosen by Gillian. Oh, so that successfully makes ME the unreasonable and horrible slut, since all they did while going out was to buy stuff for me, yet I made such a big fuss.

And then Jonathon requested for me to allow him to meet Gillian, twice a month, alone. I didn't feel like agreeing, but it was an ultimatum from him. Agree, or a break up.

The relationship went downhill from there. I don't understand what is so important about Gillian, that he had to sacrifice so many things for her. He is already busy enough with his guy friends, yet he wants to squeeze in time for her, thus sacrificing time for meeting me as well. He is willing to let me feel upset about his decision. He is actually threatening a break up for her.

He claims that Gillian and him can talk, and they are very good friends. WTF, meet for 2 times (make it 3) only, good friends??? Never talked on the phone, good friends??? How much does Gillian even know about him, gosh...

So yeah from there I keep suspecting stuff about Jonathon, coz I no longer feel confident about his love for me, and also coz he deceived me once. I think he also buay tahan my possessiveness. He buay tahan, then he got more impatient with me. The more impatient with me, the more insecure I feel, and the more possessive I became. Vicious cycle went on lor.

We couldn't really be bothered about each other coz it was exam time. One day, he asked me to go to TP (Imagine the distance, SP to TP) find him after his last paper.

And then he gave me that serious look and said he has thought about it decided we needed a break. I said okie lor.

And he stood up and left me at Tampines mall alone while he left for church. I was so angry with him making me travel all the way there (last time SP doesn't have Dover MRT yet) to tell me one fucked up sentence that I comtemplated shouting to his retreating back "You shld see a doctor for semen which is half transparent and half white is NOT NORMAL!!!!"

I didn't coz
1) I was too hum chee.
2) I guess it would make me look like the whore.
3) That attack is way below the belt.
3) The people at the macdonalds we are in will possibly not see Jonathon again. I might as well announce it in my blog, where u guys can see his picture as well. Thats for being so mean, Jonathon! And also, even if Jonathon ever find out and he wants to take revenge by eg setting up a blog to say my boobs are fake, his blog possibly doesn't have as much readers, so it is fine with me. Well I guess this is still way way below the belt, but heck, Jonathon can't sue me coz what I said is true.

Btw for those of u who has semen half transparent and half white, it would mean u are slightly impotent coz semen is transparent while sperms are white. The whole thing shld be a normal dense barley colour. U shld see a doctor.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I tried to contact Jonathon again to maintain just a simple friendship, but he actually asked me not to disturb him as he is very happy with his present gf. WTF. I told him that I am not interested in him anymore, just wanted to keep our friendship.

He said he has enough friends, thank you.

WTF. I totally hate guys like that.

A few weeks ago I saw him with his gf. AHA! Believe it or not, I actually had a veyr good hair day that day. And fortunately enough, I just blotted my oily face so I'm quite sure I looked my prime. And in contrast the gf is ugly, common and looks like she can accept half transparent sperms. Ah well, good for him.

I'm gonna end up marrying Eddy the efficient engineer and I will ask Jonathon to sit at the wedding table (at Ritz Carlton of course) with assorted exs and place them with priests from City Harvest and people with body odour.

I hope Jonathon would ask for a lemon.

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