Friday, June 6, 2003

There I was, complaining exactly that there weren't anything interesting and scandalous going on in my life. Today was just gonna be another day at work at Ritz Carlton with XF and PY again.

And then my bro came home from school with my maid. He seems to be very angry. But Clinton is always easily angry. Yes, Clinton is his name and Yes, I am happy indeed that I am not called Monica Cheng, in both the scandal of the former US president pun and the "touch butt" pun.

I was just writing abt Milieu and how great it was and I can't be bothered with his usual amt of fury.

He was complaining about some construction worker. I thought perhaps the construction worker stole his pokemon or something.

"Who is he!! He is just a stupid worker! HE IS NOTHING!", Clinton screeched, speaking of which, screeched is the longest english one syllabus word.

I shuddered. Thats one mean thing to say in front of my maid, since she is a worker here too.

I asked him to shut up. He and my maid took the fight into the kitchen.

Later on I heard him say, "Then u give him money to sleep with you lar!"

WOW! Very mean thing to say indeed! And as I turned my head sharply to look at the drama unfolding upon the Cheng family, I saw that Mr Clinton has already resolved to very angry tears. He only cries when he is very angry and helpless about something.

I asked him to tell me what happened.

Seems like when my maid got into the lift with my bro, there was this Indian Cleaner who grabbed her hands, twice. Not a construction worker but what the heck, they all do the same things (ie molest).

My maid flinged him off silently and my brother is very angry with her for her spinelessness. He even shouted at the worker, "YOU BETTER GO HOME AND WASH UR HANDS!"

Ahhh.. That sentence was irrelevant, wasn't it? Shld be my maid washing her hands. He made it sound as if my maid has herpes. But nonetheless, the worker didn't notice the flaw and said, "Wow, someone talk big ah!"

My brother is not irrelevant. Okie he is sometimes. But forgive him, he was a very angry 10 yr old boy at that moment.

My irritation for Clinton's unknown source of anger, which I thought was something really mandane, turned into admiration for his unfaltering protection of my maid's safety.

It is so absolutely sweet. Although he is only 10 and crying is totally acceptable, I think that for him to cry for a woman he cared about who has been bullied was really nice. Men crying for women. Ahhhhh...!

I put on my bra and brushed my teeth (yes I just woke up) and pulled my brother's hand to go to the police station (beware, I'm gonna say a cliche!) without further ado.

My brother cleaned up his tears and got very excited about it.

The policeman was HORRIBLE. He didn't sound like he was very enthu to catch the molester at all. Since the molester was cleaning the block, and he haven started cleaning when we lodged the report, it is very likely that the policeman would catch him if he went straight up. He couldn't have done that since he was the only officer around.

The way he questioned my maid, I sincerely dislike.

"Do you know this guy? Are u sure today is the first time u saw him? Is he ur friend?" I know these questions are vital, but I already told him that my maid didnt know the fella. And he kept asking her the same queries, as if my maid was the one who seduced the molester. He later threatened her with saying that perjury would land her in jail, etc. It was the tone and the repeating (ard 5 times?) of those questions that I totally loathed.

FUCKING HELL. I HATE MEN LIKE THIS. Dun they UNDERSTAND!!! When your sister comes and tells u that she got molested, crying, would u fucking ask her five times if she knew the molester and had an affair with him, thus he touched her?! No right, then whats the difference between maids and sisters? Both are vulnerable women needy of protection!

Actually I had this maid once who did prostitution with male workers, but I know that my present maid isn't like that. She is so timid that she would not dare to have an affair with a fly.

She is scared that the fly would tell my mum about the affair.

I got into this lengthy quarrel with the police guy. He hinted something about my maid not really needing to lodge the report if she doesnt want to. He said it would depend on whether or not she felt insulted by his actions.

I said of course she felt insulted, bloody hell. Someone randomly grab you hand, NOT INSULTED! What the *toot!*!

He said that if she doesnt put up the report, they will set up frequent visits. They will also set up this info thingy for the molester so that if they see him again he will be caught.

I asked him how the hell they are gonna catch him when a report was not lodged in the first place.

He said that they will be able to put him in jail if he was caught with another offence.

I didn't mince words. I told him he is out of his mind. I told him by the time u catch him the second time, there was a second victim already. She could be raped, and it is all his fault for even suggesting that my maid doesn't lodge the report. She could even be his gf coming to see his after work.

He got angry and said something like he didn't ask my maid not to lodge. He just said it was up to her whether she felt insulted.

Yeah right. Insulted more by him than the fucking molester.

Currently my bro just called me to say that they managed to catch the molester. Hurray!

More blogging tonight after I come back from work. Pictures from Milieu. Was great fun. =)