Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Theres alot to touch up on the webbie. I am supposed to reply to my readers' comments, repair that photo thingy, change the Mondor to Mordor, amongst other stuff.

But I just got back from work, and tml I will have to wake up at 530 am to work at Ritz for some breakfast thingy. And I got stuff to blog about.

I guess I shld start with lamenting first coz only after complaining can I feel better and I will be able to talk about the happy stuff. Oh gosh I really shld be sleeping.

Alright. It is like this. Some 6 months ago, me, June and Clara went for an interview at the Pan Pacific Hotel for the post of banquet waitresses.

June worked with me for a day and she decided the plates are a little too heavy for her liking. Thus she decided not to work anymore.

In the wake of her resignment, I had to suffer. I worked without her, and everytime I worked, dozens of guys would come and talk to me. The typical conversation goes like this:

Cheehong Guy: "Hello, u new here ah? Whats ur name?"

Me: "Yeah, second day lor. I'm Wendy."

Cheehong Guy: "Oh, so whats ur friend's name ah? The tall tall one. Very chio one."

Me: "You talking about June?"

Cheehong Guy: "Yeah yeah June!"

In the first place if u know her name why the fuck are u asking me?!

Cheehong Guy: "So how old are u? Studying?"

Me: "19, Sp."

Cheehong Guy: "And the June?"

Me: "Same."

Cheehong Guy: "She attached or not ah? Can gimme her number?"

Me: "She is attached. (June was attached then)"

Cheehong Guy: "Still can give number what."

Me: "No, I dun think she is interested in you."

Cheehong Guy: "..."

This situation is relatively irritating. There u go thinking this fellow is sincerely getting to noe you better as purely a colleague, and suddenly u realised his intentions was just to get into ur friend's pants. In this case, my friend's banquet skirt and panty hose. And then it hurts to think that this fellow would not even have talked u to if u didn't have a pretty friend. How sickening!

It is not that I would have liked the fellow to come and ask for my number instead or anything like that. No. I wun like Ah bengs coming to disturb me. But thats besides the point. I just dun think I am that much uglier than June, am I? I think that at least I shld have like 5% of the guys interested in me instead of her? Just 5% of ppl with different taste?

But no. Everyone thinks Fann wong is prettier than Patricia Mok. I feel pissed that I am Patricia Mok and theres nothing I can do about it.

Bleah. Some ppl might think I am crazy of course. I think I am too, coz no one else seems to agree with the way I feel. Everyone thinks that I just feel pissed coz I think that I am prettier than June. Thats not true of course. I also dunno why I feel pissed. Maybe it is coz too many guys keep pestering me about her.

Besides that, its like, are guys all so superficial? Are looks just everything to them? Urgh. I can't seem to be able to blog out my words properly.

I hope u all understand what I mean.

This situation happened when the fifth guy came to ask me for her number. I am serious, really fifth. I bellowed all the frustrations the previous 4 guys gave me at the sodding piece of desperate shit. Oops. So mean to that guy. Maybe he is just sincerely interested to be friends. Yeah right.

Oh no I totally feel like slapping him currently. With a piece of smelly wet sock. No, actually I think a llama's raw liver would be a good thing to slap him with. I shall slap myself instead I think. Ow. Hurts.

Situation, (real):
Cheehong guy 5: "Yadda yadda the usual shit."

Me, in chinese, of course: "Why are u all guys so bloody superficial? Yeah she very pretty, so what? What makes u think she will be interested to know you since she is so pretty, huh? Fucking cheehong right, just wanna try your luck izzit? I already said she is attached, why u still so persistent on wanting her number? She and her bf together 3 years liao, u dun even think about it lor."

Cheehong guy 5: "Wah, so angry for what. Who say want to be together with her? Just ask number be friends cannot meh? Attached already cannot make friends issit? And it is none of ur business what."

Me: "What none of my business? So many of u come ask me for her number, I buay sian one ah? What am I, Fast Talk hotline? Yeah yeah make friends my FOOT. Your friends need to be chio one ah, huh? Friends ugly cannot ah? Why dun go outside ask the auntie to be ur friend? Why must June? On her forehead write 'I will be a very good friend' izzit?!"

Cheehong guy 5, stupid and irrelevant as usual when Ah Bengs lose an argument: "Wah lan eh she look friendly what-"

Yeah look so friendly go approach her urself, stop asking me for her number.

"Siao u so angry for what? U jealous no one ask for ur number izzit? Your attitude like that, its no wonder no one interested in you lar."

Personal attack. Wonderful. As if my ego is not hurt as it is. With that sentence, he turned his heel and walked off, without giving me a chance to say that I am not interested in any stupid banquet guys who are freaking cheehong and as if that is not bad enough, have brain cells of amoebas.

The guys at Ritz Carlton are slightly better. They are less Cheehong, and they are friendly. I thought by bringing Xf into work with me, I would get the June situation again and agitate myself to death.

But this time, I told myself that indeed, June and XF are both much more attractive than me. It is no wonder at all that at first glance, guys would be interested in them. Maybe I have some other qualities that will be better appreciated than them when the guys know me better. Stop feeling so bitter.

Ah... Its is a totally different feeling at Ritz with XF. I get along very well with the guys indeed. I joke around, and try to make everyone laugh. Almost everyone knows my name, and I know for one thing that they are ok with my company.

I find this weird though. Here I am, joking around with, say, a male colleague. He is talking to me, he is giving his attention to me. But at the end of the day, he is attracted to the quiet gal standing silently beside me, also smiling at my joke. Thats Xf of course.

What, a clown doesn't need TLC? Of course, for very old blog readers (or super avid readers who read the archives), this is going back to the shu nu issue again. (shu nu= that kinda girl. Quiet, no opinions, long rebonded hair, big big eyes etc etc. You get the picture.)

Guys like that kinda girl. They wouldn't like their gf getting along so well with so many guys. I thought I read somewhere that guys like girls with a sense of humour? I think that sentence is flawed. Guys like girls who will laugh at their jokes, not girls who make the joke in the first place.

When girls joke around too much with guys, the guy will think of the girl as a buddy, not as a partner. Sure they would like that girl's company, but not as a gf please. They would want someone more gentle and feminine.

I feel rather sad. I can be gentle. Really. Surprise surprise, I actually know how to knit! I am feminine too! My favourite colour is pink and I like lace.

Too bad no one believes me.

I am not saying that no one likes me of course. I know most ppl, after reading this whole chunk, would typically say: "Dun worry, I'm sure you will find someone who likes u for who u are someday."

Shut it. I know its all goodwill, but I dun need that kinda pity. I have my admirers too. I am just lamenting that most guys like that typical kinda girl. Seems like alot of guys I like like that kinda girls. Eddy is surely drooling over Jolin Tsai's photo right now.

I'm pissed with that fact coz I just dun see whats so attractive about shu nus. But then again whats so attractive about noisy girls who keep yakking?

From now on I shall just wear Giordano clothes and speak less than 500 words a day. I shall throw away all my strapless bras so I cannot wear anything that requires strapless bras. I shall throw away my make up kit, except for that sweet pink lip gloss of course, strawberry flavoured. I shall carry tissue everywhere I go. I shall dye my hair black. I shall rebond it.

My voice cannot be louder than 0.0736 decibels. My clothes can only be white and baby blue.

Thou shalt not bitch anymore. Thou shalt not talk about sex. Thou shalt not even think about sex.

If I accomplish the above, I will become like Gollum. I will have a split personality. U will see my evil horny self talking to my shu nu self sometimes, coz the horny evil self is too suppressed.

Shu nu self to bf who like shu nus: "Oh darling, I think the air con in ur room is not working. I am feeling very hot. Are u hot as well?"

-suddenly gentle voice deepens to a low husky sexy voice-

Evil horny self: "oh man I feel so hot....... You know, like, so HOT... I need to take off this stupid baby blue top. And this stupid bra...."

*throws the bra at horrified bf's head*

Evil Horny self: "Oh man... Would u just come here, baby? And bring the cane with you..."

-Gentle voice resumes-

Shu nu self: "Oh man why am I naked?" *shields breasts with hands, totally perified. Picks up bra from bf's head and put it on* "what happened???!"

Bf: "U took it off urself!"

Shu nu self: "NO I DIDN'T! Why would I do that!"

BF: "LOL. Role playing izzit? Dun act shy lar, I kinda liked that HOT part...."

Evil horny self: "Teeheehee"


Alright after blogging everything out I feel happy again!

Today is the dinner of the Associated Banks of Singapore. The guest of honour is Nathan! And everyone who attended the dinner are all general managers and above working at the banks in Singapore.

I think bankers all have a very typical sort of look! The boring old man kind with specs and semi grey hair. I tried to get a sugar daddy but it seems like I failed.

Anyway James Lye attended the dinner as well. He is quite shuai.

Did u know what CEOs like to drink coke? LOL... I had noticed the kinda drink that the different crowds like. Indian ppl like Orange crush, out of a choice of Coke, Sprite and Orange.

Nobody likes Sprite. Chinese ppl like a mixture of all, but many like just plain water. No malay weddings at Ritz so far.

So if u like Orange, u are an Indian. If u like Coke, u will possibly be a CEO. If u like sprite, u are a nobody. Stop being an outcast.

Personally I like Orange. LOL... From now on I shall only drink coke, coz CEOs all love coke. I am serious! Around 70% of them drank coke.

Enough blogging. I have only 2 hours to sleep, god dammit.